Location: Athens County OH

Athens County, Ohio 1810 Tax List

Albert, William Alderman, Elijah Alderman, Elisha Alderman, Elisha, Jr. Ames, Silvanus Bailey, John Ballenger, Henry Barrows, Ebenezer Barrows, Ebenezer, Jr. Barrows, George Barrows, Henry Barrows, William Beaumont, Samuel Beebe, Hopson Bils, Maritn Boils, Jacob Branch, Samuel Brown, Benjamin Brown, William Buckingham, Ebenezer Buffington, William Burkingham, Stephen Burrill, Solomon Burroughs, Josiah Cartright, Caleb Case, David Case, Eliphalet Chadwicke, Levi Clark, Obadiah Coleman, Samuel Coleman, Thomas Connett, Abner Cooley, Caleb Cooley, Jabez Cooley, Simeon Cowdery, Jacob Cowdery, Joel Crippen, Amos Crippen, James Crow, Peter Culver, Ebenezer Cuthrie, Joseph Dailey, David Dailey, Silas Dains, Jeptha Danielson, Luther Davis, Benjamin Davis, J. Reuben Davis,

Athens Grand Juries from, 1805 to 1815

The first grand jury that ever sat in the county, was drawn in November, 1805, and was composed as follows: John Dixon, John Hewitt, Samuel Moore, John Corey, Peter Boyles, Jeremiah Riggs, Canaday Lowry, William Howlett, Robert Fulton, Alvan Bingham, Josiah Coe, Philip M. Starr. March Term, 1806.-Alvan Bingham, Hopson Beebe, John Thompson, Silas Dean, John Lowry, Josiah Coe, Daniel Stewart, Robert Fulton, Baruch Dorr, Edmund Dorr, Peter Boyles, John Corey, Benaziah Simmons. July Term, 1806.-Alvan Bingham, John Havner, David Pratt, Reuben Hurlbut, Jacob Boyles, Moses Bean, Canaday Lowry, Alexander Fulton, George Wolf, Joseph Brooks, Abraham Shidler, John Corey, Peter

Athens County, Ohio Commissioners 1805-1868

County Commissioners from the Organization of the County. 1805 Silas Dean, William Howlett, John Curry-(At special election.) 1805 William Barrows, William Howlett, Samuel Moore-(At regular election.) 1806 Alvan Bingham, Bingham, Samuel Moore-(At regular election.) 1807 Alvan Bingham, Caleb Merritt, Samuel Moore-(At regular election. 1808 Alvan Bingham, Caleb Merritt, Ebenezer Currier. 1809 Asahel Cooley, Caleb Merritt, Ebenezer Currier. 1810 Asahel Cooley, Zebulon Griffin, Ebenezer Currier. 1811 Asahel Cooley, Zebulon Griffin, Seth Fuller. 1812 Ebenezer Currier, Zebulon Griffin, Seth Fuller. 1813 Ebenezer Currier, Caleb Merritt, Seth Fuller. 1814 Ebenezer Currier, Caleb Merritt, Robert Linzee. 1815 Daniel Stewart, Levi Stedman, Robert Linzee. 1816

Athens County, Ohio Auditors 1805-1868

The first constitution of Ohio provided for the election by the people of only two county officers, viz.: sheriff and coroner; other county officers were, during the first eighteen years of the state’s history, appointed by the county commissioners or by the associate judges of the respective counties. The office of county auditor was created by act of the legislature, at the session of 182o-21. Before that time the principal duties of the auditor were performed by the county clerk, who was appointed by the commissioners. Henry Bartlett, so long known in the county as “Esquire Bartlett,” was clerk, and

Athens County, Ohio County Recorders 1805-1868

County Recorders. office. Recorded what volumes. Dr. Eliphaz Perkins, From 1806 to Jul. 1819, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 Chauncey F. Perkins, From July 1819 to May 1826, Nos. 4, 5. A. G. Brown, From May 1826 to Aug. 1833, Nos. 5, 6. Robert E. Constable, From Aug. 1833 to Nov. 1835, Nos. 6, 7. A. G. Brown, From Nov. 1835 to Oct. 1841, Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10. Enos Stimson, From Oct. 1841 to Oct. 1844, Nos. 10, 11, 12. John Boswell, From Oct. 1844 to Oct. 1847, Nos. 12, 13, 14 A. J. Van Vorhes, From Oct. 1847

Athens County, Ohio Sheriffs 1805-1868

County Sheriff’s. Robert Linzee, appointed April, 1805; Silvanus Ames, appointed November, 1807; Robert Linzee, appointed November, 1809; Thomas Armstrong, elected October, 1813; Isaac Barker, elected October, 1817; Jacob Lentner, elected October, 1821; Calvary Morris, elected October, 1823; Robert Linzee, elected October, 1827; John McGill, elected October, 1829; Amos Miller, elected October, 1831; Joseph Hewitt, elected October, 1835; Joseph H. Moore, elected October, 1839; William Golden, elected October, 1843; J. L. Currier, elected October, 1847; Joseph L. Kessinger, elected October, 1851; Leonard Brown, elected October, 1855; H. C. Knowles, elected October, 1857; Frederic S. Stedman, elected October, 1861; John M. Johnson,

Athens County, Ohio County Court Officers 1805-1868

County Court. The first court of common pleas, July 8, 1805, consisted of Robert F. Slaughter, president judge, and Silvanus Ames and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. Henry Bartlett was appointed clerk. Since that time the following judges have acted: 1806-Levin Belt, president judge, and Silvanus Ames, Alexander Stedman, and Abel Miller, associate judges. In 1807, judge Ames became sheriff, and Elijah Hatch became judge. 1807 to 1812-William Wilson, president judge, and Alexanander Stedman, Abel Miller, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. 1813-William Wilson, president judge, and Jehiel Gregory, Silvanus Ames, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. 1814-William Wilson, president judge, and Jehiel

Athens County, Ohio County Treasurers 1805-1868

County Treasurers. Alvan Bingham, appointed April, 1805; William Harper, appointed June, 1806; Ebenezer Currier, appointed June, 1807; Eliphaz Perkins, appointed March, 1808; William Harper, appointed June, 1809; Eliphaz Perkins,* appointed June, 1811; Amos Crippen, appointed June, 1815; Isaac Barker, appointed June, 1825, elected October, 1825; Amos Crippen, elected October, 1829; Isaac Barker, elected October, 1831; Isaac N. Norton, elected October, 1835, died in December, 1836. Abram Van Vorhes acted first year, and Isaac Barker, second year, by appointment. Isaac Barker, elected October, 1837; Amos Crippen, elected October, 1839; Robert McCabe, elected October, 1841; William Golden, elected October, 1847; Samuel Pickering,

Postmasters in Athens County, Ohio 1805-1869

Postmasters of Athens. Established in 1804. Jehiel Gregory from 1804 1 quarter Eliphaz Perkins 1804 till 1821 John Perkins 1821 1839 Amos Crippen 1839 1841 John Perkins 1841 1845 Amos Crippen 1845 1849 Wm. Loring Brown 1849 1853 R. DeSteiguer 1853 1858 Lot L. Smith 1858 1861 David M. Clayton 1861 1865 E. C. Crippen 1865 1866 John F. Mahon 1866 1867 William Golden 1867 present time Postmasters of Amesville. Established in 1821. Loring B. Glazier from 1821 till 1829 Robert Henry 1829 1834 Hiram Cable 1834 1837 N. Dean 1837 1841 Loring B. Glazier 1841 1842 Hiram Cable 1842

1806 2nd Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens

On the 2nd of April, 1806, Rufus Putnam and Dudley Woodbridge were appointed a committee to conduct a second sale of town lots, which took place November 25, 1806. Some of the lots previously sold were sold again, payments having not been made. The following is the report of the second sale No. of lot. Purchaser. Price. 1 Joel Abbott, $72 00 2 Joel Abbott, 40 50 3 Ebenezer Currier, 36 50 4 William Skinner, 15 00 5 Silvanus Ames, 15 00 6 Leonard Jewett, 15 00 8 Leonard Jewett, 15 00 9 Leonard Jewett, 13 00 10 John Walker,