Rome Township, Town Officers 1811-1868

Township Trustees 1811-1868.

1811     Job Ruter,         Elijah Hatch,         James Crippen.
1812     Daniel Stewart,    George Barrows,       John Thompson.
1813     Elijah Rowell,     James Crippen,        John Thompson.
1814     Daniel Stewart,    James Crippen,        Joshua Selby.
1815     Daniel Stewart,    James Crippen,        William Barrows.
1816     Daniel Stewart,    Elijah Hatch,         Joshua Selby.
1817     James Crippen,     John Thompson,        Henry Barrows.
1818-19  James Crippen,     Archelaus Stewart,    Henry Barrows.
1820     James Crippen,     Archelaus Stewart,    Daniel Stewart.
1821     James Crippen,     John Thompson,        Daniel Stewart.
1822     Elijah Hatch,      Joshua Selby,         Daniel Stewart.
1823     James Crippen,     Elmer Rowell,         Archelaus Stewart.
1824     William S. Doan,   Joshua Selby,         Henry Barrows.
1825     Daniel Stewart,    Elijah Dalbey,        Peter Beebe.
1826     Daniel Stewart,    Elijah Dalbey,        James Crippen.
1827     Daniel Stewart,    Josephus Butts,       Joshua Selby.
1828     John Thompson,     Josephus Butts,       Joshua Selby.
1829     John Johnson,      Josephus Butts,       Joshua Selby.
1830     John Thompson,     Josephus Butts,       Daniel D. Cross.
1831     John Johnson,      Josephus Butts,       Joseph Mitchell.
1832     William S. Doan,   James E. Hatch,       Joseph Mitchell.
1833-34  Levi Stewart,      James E. Hatch,       Joseph Mitchell.
1835     Alexander Stewart, James E. Hatch,       Peter Beebe.
1836     Joseph Mitchell,   James E. Hatch,       Samuel Hill.
1837     Joseph Mitchell,   S. T. Richardson,     George Warren.
1838     James E. Hatch,    Joshua Calvert,       George Warren.
1839     Peter Beebe,       Wilson Selby,         Wm. P. Doan.
1840-41  Peter Beebe,       Joseph Mitchell,      Levi Stewart.
1842     Daniel B. Stewart, William Mitchell,     Nelson Cook.
1843     William P. Doan,   William Crippen,      B. F. Johnson.
1844     Peter Grosvenor,   William R. Winner,    Joseph Mitchell.
1845     Peter Grosvenor,   Levi Stewart,         Joseph Mitchell.
1846     D. B. Stewart,     William Simmons,      B. F. Johnson.
1847     D. B. Stewart,     William Simmons,      Abraham Parrill.
1848     Elmer Rowell,      Artemus S. Crippen,   Levi Stewart.
1849     Elmer Rowell,      Peter Grosvenor,      Levi Stewart.
1850     Nelson Cook,       Peter Grosvenor,      Connell Roberts.
1851     Nelson Cook,       Peter Grosvenor,      T. F. Jones.
1852     Levi Stewart,      Peter Grosvenor,      W. R. Winner.
1853-55 Elmer Rowell,       D. B. Stewart,        Wilson Selby.
1856     T. R. Rider,       Perry Barrows,        Harvey Pierce.
1857     T. R. Rider,       Voltaire Barrows,     Harvey Pierce.
1858     Josephus Tucker,   Perry Barrows,        Elmer Rowell.
1859     James Rice,        Heman Frost,          Artemus Buckley.
1860-61  James Rice,        Josephus Tucker,      W. L. Petty.
1862     A. S. Crippen,     Artemus Buckley,      G. S. Simpson.
1863     A. S. Crippen,     P. W. Boyles,         James Cross.
1864     Blanford Cook,     P. W. Boyles,         James Cross.
1865     Blanford Cook,     P. W. Boyles,         J. W. Johnson.
1866     Blanford Cook,     Joseph Patterson,     Harvey Pierce.
1867-68  Blanford Cook,     Amos Patterson,       Robert Bean.

Township Clerks 1821-1868.

1821-Caleb Barstow.
1852-Amos Crippen.
1813-15-Elijah Hatch.
1816-20-William Stewart.
1821-John Green.
1822-Daniel Stewart.
1823-25-Elijah Hatch.
1826-John Thompson.
1827-28-Samuel Thompson.
1829-Edmund Cook.
1830-31-Guy Barrows.
1832-John Welch.
1833-Elijah Hatch.
1834-Wilson Selby.
1835-Thomas Newcomb.
1836-37-Blanford Cook.
1838-39-Elmer Rowell.
1840-42-Wilson Selby.
1843-E. B. Parrill.
1844-45-Wilson Selby.
1846-47-Joshua Calvert.
1848-B. F. Johnson.
1849-Sydney S. Beebe.
1850-51-B. F. Johnson.
1852-Joshua Calvert.
1853-55-B. F. Johnson.
1856-57-Charles H. Grosvenor.
1858-Robert Bean.
1859-62-Blanford Cook.
1863-James Moore.
1864-65-Harvey Pierce.
1866-Charles Dean.
1867-68-George M. Ross.

The first township treasurer in Rome was Amos Crippen, elected in 1811. Then followed in succession George Barrows, Daniel Stewart, Hopson Beebe, David Chapman, Charles Beebe, John Johnson, John M. Perry, Peter Beebe, Sydney S. Beebe, Guy Barrows, James Starr, Hiram Stewart, Daniel B. Stewart and B. F. Johnson.

Successive Justices of the Peace.

Elijah Hatch, Daniel Stewart, James Crippen, Elmer Rowell, John Thompson, Thomas Welch, Joseph Mitchell, C. C. Beard, Joshua Calvert, H. S. Butts, D. D. Cross, Timothy F. Jones, Thomas Grosvenor, Abraham Parrill, Heman Frost, Elam Frost, R. A. Fulton, S. S. Beebe.

Collection: Athens County Ohio Genealogy.

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