Athens County, Ohio County Court Officers 1805-1868

County Court.

The first court of common pleas, July 8, 1805, consisted of Robert F. Slaughter, president judge, and Silvanus Ames and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. Henry Bartlett was appointed clerk. Since that time the following judges have acted:

1806-Levin Belt, president judge, and Silvanus Ames, Alexander Stedman, and Abel Miller, associate judges.

In 1807, judge Ames became sheriff, and Elijah Hatch became judge.

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1807 to 1812-William Wilson, president judge, and Alexanander Stedman, Abel Miller, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges.

1813-William Wilson, president judge, and Jehiel Gregory, Silvanus Ames, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges.

1814-William Wilson, president judge, and Jehiel Gregory, Silvanus Ames, and Ebenezer Currier, associate judges.

1815 to 1818-William Wilson, president judge, and Silvanus Ames, Ebenezer Currier, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges.

1819-Ezra Osborne, president judge, and Robert Linzee, Ebenezer Currier, and Silvanus Ames, associate judges.

1824-Alvan Bingham, associate judge, vice Silvanus Ames, deceased.

1825-Amos Crippen, associate judge, vice Robert Linzee.

1826-Edmund Dorr, associate judge, vice Ebenezer Currier, and Thomas Irwin, president judge, vice Osborne.

1827-Elijah Hatch, associate judge, vice Amos Crippen.

1828-George Walker, associate judge, vice Alvan Bingham.

1833-Ebenezer Currier, associate judge, vice Edward Dorr.

1834-David Richmond, associate judge, vice Elijah Hatch.

1840-John E. Hanna, president judge, vice Thomas Irwin.

1840-Samuel B. Pruden, associate judge, vice Ebenezer Currier.

1841-Isaac Barker, associate judge, vice D. Richmond.

1845-Robert A. Fulton, associate judge, vice George Walker.

1847-Arius Nye, president judge, vice John E. Hanna.

1847-Samuel H. Brown, associate judge, vice S. B. Pruden.

1850-Norman Root, associate judge, vice Samuel H. Brown.

1850-A. G. Brown, president judge, vice Arius Nye.

1852-Simeon Nash, elected first judge under new constitution, when associate judges were dispensed with.

1862-John Welch elected.

1865-Erastus A. Guthrie, appointed, vice John Welch, elected supreme judge.

1866-E. A. Guthrie elected, and is still in office.

County Clerks.

Henry Bartlett, appointed December 1, 1806; served till February 8, 1836.
Joseph M. Dana, appointed February 8, 1836; elected February 22, 1843; served till 1857.
Louis W. Brown, elected 1857, and is still in office.

Probate Court (Organized in 1852).

Jacob C. Frost, elected 1852.
Nelson H. Van Vorhes, elected October, 1855; resigned September, 1855.
Daniel S. Dana, appointed September, 1855,
Calvary Morris, elected October, 1855, and is still in office.

Prosecuting Attorneys.

1806 to 1809, E. B. Merwin; 1809 to 1810, Benjamin Ruggles; 1810 to 1812, Artemas Sawyer; 1812 to 1813, Alexander Harper; 1813 to 1815, Artemas Sawyer; 1815 to 18 16, J. Lawrence Lewis; 1816 to 18T7, Thomas Ewing; 1817 to 1820, Joseph Dana, sen.; 5820 to 1822, Samuel F. Vinton; 1822 to 1824, Thomas Ewing; 1824 to 1826, Thomas Irwin; 1826 to 1830, Dwight Jarvis; 1830 to 1835, Joseph Dana, jun.; 1835 to 1839, John Welch; 1839 to 1841, Robert E. Constable; 1841 to 1843, John Welch; 1843 to 1845, Tobias A. Plants; 1845 to 1847, James D. Johnson; 1847 to 1851, Lot L. Smith; 1851 to 1855, Samuel S. Knowles; 1855 to 1857, George S. Walsh; 1857 to 1861, Erastus A. Guthrie; 1861 to 1863, Lot L. Smith; 1863 to present time, Rudolph de Steiguer.

Collection: Athens County Ohio Genealogy.

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