Location: Athens County OH

Carthage Township Town Officers 1855-1868

The early records of the township are lost, and there is no list of its officers prior to 1855. The population in 1820 was 320; in 1830 it was 395; in 1840 it was 734; in 1850 it was 1,087; in 1860 it was 1,827. Township Trustees 1855-1868. 1855 Hiram Frost, Vincent Caldwell, Caleb Wells. 1856-57 Jacob S. Coen, R. M. Wilson, Walter Glazier. 1858 William Mills. R. M. Wilson, Walter Glazier. 1859 Cyrenus Stout, Simeon Buck, Asa P. Jeffers. 1860 Walter Glazier, James Buck, Asa P. Jeffers. 1861 Walter Glazier, S. H. Lottridge, Cyrenus Stout. 1862 William Merrill, S.

Canaan Township Town Officers 1819-1868

The first election for township trustees was held at the house of Edward Pilcher, April 5, 1819. John C. Carico and Stephen Pilcher were judges, and Joshua Hoskinson and John McGill clerks of the election. Township Trustees 1819-1868. 1819 Parker Carpenter, Stephen Pilcher, George Bean. 1820 Martin Mansfield, Stephen Pilcher, George Bean. 1821 Martin Mansfield, Martin Boyles, George Bean. 1822 Parker Carpenter, Martin Boyles, Elijah Pilcher. 1823 Martin Mansfield, Andrew J. Hoskinson, Samuel Warren. 1824 Martin Mansfield, Philip M. Starr, Samuel Warren. 1825 Joshua Hoskinson, Stephen Pilcher, John Boyles. 1826 John C. Carico, George Boyles, William Hallert. 1827 Stephen Pitcher,

Residents Lands, Ames Township, 1807

Legend: 1: Acres 2: Range 3: Township 4: Section 5: Dollars 6: Cents Last First 1 2 3 4 County Orignal Proprietor 5 6 Comments Ames Silvanus 108 13 6 4,9 Athens Manasseh Cutler 43 Brown John 132 13 6 14 Athens Winsor 87 Brown Benjamin 200 13 6 4 Athens Manasseh Cutler 80 Brown William 140 13 6 4 Athens Manasseh Cutler 56 Bullard Joseph 60 16 Athens Elisha Whitney 24 Beaumont Samuel 320 13 6 18 Athens John Meigs 1 28 Boyles Jacob 100 13 6 2 Athens Israel Thorndike 40 Case David 100 14 Athens Amos Porter

Bern Township Town Officers 1828-1868

Township Trustees 1828-1868. 1828-30 John Henry, James Dickey, John Wickham. 1831-33 ” David James, Jeffrey Buchanan. 1834 Dyar Selby, Sen., John Wickham, James Dickey. 1835 William J. Brown, ” ” 1836 ” David James, ” 1837 Matthew Henry, ” ” 1838 ” ” Wm. J. Brown. 1839 ” James Dickey, ” 1840 J. E. Vore, ” John Work 1841 David James, Thornton Swart, ” 1842 ” James Dickey, Dyar Selby, Jun. 1843 Joseph McCune, ” ” 1844 ” ” Reuben Hague. 1845 David James, ” ” 1846 Jesse Carr, Dyar Selby, John Work. 1847 David Colvin, Robert Henry, Wm. Rardin

York Township Town Officers 1840-1868

The first election for town officers was held April 27, 1839, when Charles Cable was elected mayor; A. J. Bond recorder; John Coe, S. M. Sheppard, John Hull, W. W. Poston, and James Rusk trustees. Luther Burt was appointed marshal of the village, and Robert Miller treasurer. James Rusk declining to serve as trustee, Thomas L. Mintun was appointed in his place. Since then the following persons have been elected mayor. Mayors 1840-1868. 1840-William Burlingame. 1841-Ebenezer Fenimore. 1842-Solomon Roberts. 1843-44-James Deaver. 1845-R. G. McLean. 1846-47-No record. 1848-49-Lewis Steenrod. [Mr. Steenrod having resigned, A. J. Guitteau was appointed for his unexpired

Ames Township Town Officers 1804-1868

The first election for township officers in Ames was held June 1, 1802 (nearly three years before the organization of the county), at the house of Silvanus Ames, and resulted as follows: Nathan Woodbury, George Ewing and Samuel Brown, trustees; Daniel Weethee, clerk; Josiah True and Samuel Brown, overseers of the poor; Nathan Woodbury, Joseph Pugsley and John Swett, fence viewers; George Wolf and Christopher Herrold, house appraisers; Daniel Converse, lister; Samuel Brown and Benjamin Brown, supervisors; Daniel Converse and Silvanus Ames, constables. In 1803 the following were elected: Benjamin Brown, Silvanus Ames and Daniel Weethee, trustees; George Ewing, clerk;

Waterloo Township Town Officers 1827-1868

Township Trustees since 1827. 1827 William Lowry, Elias Gabriel, Silas Benjamin. 1828-30 William Lowry, Abram Gabriel, Hezekiah Robinett. 1831-34 William Lowry, Daniel Lowry, Jeremiah Thompson. 1835 William Lowry, William Handberry, Samuel Lowry. 1836 John Mintun, William Handberry, George Hewitt. 1837 John Mintun, William Handberry, William Lowry. 1838-39 Hugh Laughlin, William Mills, Elias Gabriel. 1840 William Handberry, William Herron, Elias Gabriel. 1841-42 William Handberry, Elias Gabriel, Pardon C. Hewitt. 1843 William Handberry, Elias Gabriel, Simon Elliott. 1844 William Handberry, Elias Gabriel, Daniel McCoy. 1845 John Mintun, Simon Elliott, Pardon C. Hewitt. 1846 John Mintun, William Lowry, Pardon C. Hewitt. 1847 John

Troy Township Town Officers 1837-1868

The township records prior to 1837 are lost. Township Trustees since 1837. 1837 M. L. Bestow, Jesse Derry, Samuel Dutton. 1838 M. L. Bestow, Jesse Derry, Ferdinand Paulk. 1839 Nicholas Baker, Jedediah Fuller, Ferdinand Paulk. 1840 Nicholas Baker, Jedediah Fuller, Wm. Kincade. 1841 Nicholas Baker, Samuel Dutton, Heman Cooley. 1842 Josephus Tucker, Samuel Dutton, Wm. W. Barrows. 1843-44 Josephus Tucker, Nicholas Baker, John Brookhart. 1845 Samuel Dutton, Nicholas Baker, M. L. Bestow. 1846 Josephus Tucker, Nicholas Baker, Ferdinand Paulk. 1847 Josephus Tucker, Nicholas Baker, Samuel Humphrey. 1848 J. M. Maxwell, R. M. Wilson, R. K. Bridges. 1849 Heman Cooley, Samuel

Alexander Town Officers 1828-1868

The early records of the township were destroyed by fire in the house of John McKee in 1827 or 1828, but as nearly as can be ascertained the first trustees were Caleb Merritt, John Brooks, and Thomas Sharp, and Caleb Merritt the first justice of the peace. Trustees 1829-1868. 1829 Ziba Lindley, Sen., Samuel McKee, Nicholas Misner. 1830 Ziba Lindley, Sen., Samuel McKee, Elias N. Nichols. 1831 Ziba Lindley, Jun., Samuel McKee, Elias N. Nichols. 1832 Samuel Earhart, Asa Stearns, Benjamin Parks, Jun. 1833 Samuel Earhart, John V. Brown, Benjamin Parks, Jun. 1834 Ziba Lindley, Jun., Jesse M. Mahon, Benjamin

Canaansville Cemetery, Athens County, Ohio

(Loc. off Route 50 in Canaan Twp., Athens Co., O.) MANSFIELD Susan, d. 5 Jan. 1859, ea. 73 yrs. Wife of Peter. _______, d. 1844, ae. 62 yrs. SIMMONS George, d. 21 July 1842, ae. 61 yrs. TUCKER Sarah Ann, d. 22 Feb. 1833, ae. 24 yrs., 1 mo., 29 days. Wife of Elijah. JORDAN Nancy, d. 26 July 1843, ae. 35 yrs., 5 mos., 21 days. Consort of David. CALVERT Nancy, d. 30 July 1841, ae. 45 yrs. Consort of Nathan S. DAVIS Thomas, d. 30 Mar. 1841, ae. 45 yrs., 6 mos., 3 days. James, b. 24 Apr.