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Small Jefferson County Indiana Cemeteries

The following cemeteries are smaller cemeteries found within Jefferson County Indiana and transcribed in 1941 as part of the DAR cemetery transcription project. The value of these transcriptions is that in many cases they transcribed lesser known cemeteries which may today no longer exist. Had it not been for this project these records would likely have been lost due to the natural regression of cemeteries. Many of the cemeteries may be known by a different name today, we use the name they were identified as in 1941.

Abbott Farm Cemetery

Abbott Farm cemetery is located in Saluda Township

Arnott, Samuel, d. Oct 1826, age 52 yrs.

Lockhart, Enoch, s/o J. & E., Apr 19 1844 – Feb 6 1862.

Lockhart, John, Feb 27 1797 – Feb 15 1860.


Barnes Graveyard

Barnes Graveyard is located in Saluda township, Jefferson County, Indiana at the top of Plowhandle Hill near Handle.

Barnes, John, d. Mar 24 1873, age 92 yrs.
Barnes, Sarah Law, w/o John, d. Feb 8 1859, age 69 yrs.

Dickerson, Rose E., d. Dec 7 1888, age 20 yrs.


Bear Cemetery

Bear cemetery is located in Milton Township, Jefferson, County Indiana. The following gravestones were found lying on the ground when they were transcribed in 1941.

Bear, Ella F., dau. of O.L. & S.E. Bear, d. Aug. 2, 1856, age 1 y r. 11 mo. 17 days.

Brooks, Lutisha, w of Isaiah Brooks, died 18 ??, stone broken off.

Brooks, Chloe M., dau of Isaiah & Lutisha Brooks, d Dec. 19, 1851, age ???.

Edmonson, Orpha E., dau of Robert & Chloe Edmondson, d. July 4, 1852, age 13 mos.

The following people are believed to be buried in the Bear cemetery and were annotated in the 1941 WPA transcription as “copied from Lineage Memorial” by Sophia Sherlock:

Bear, Sophia Kavenaugh, w of Oliver Lewis Bear, b. Apr. 13, 1830 d. July 1, 1871.
Bear, Oliver Lewis b. May 19, 1826, Jeff. Co., Ind., d Dec. 31, 1896 at Lockport, Ky.
Bear, Hayden b. Nov. 24, 1849, drowned Sept. 26, 1865.
Bear, Ella Florence, Aug. 16, 1854-Aug., 2, 1856.
Bear, Abner Philemon, s of Delany K. Bear, Aug. 17, 1860-Sept. 31, 1864.


Bear Farm Cemetery

Bear Farm cemetery is located on the Bear Farm in Milton township, Jefferson County, Indiana. There were about 12 fieldstones located in the cemetery, of which the following could be transcribed in 1941.

Bear, Christian d. March 23, 1868 age 72 yrs.
Bear, Nancy, w. of Christian Bear, d. Mar. 8, 1870 age 70 yrs

Lochard, J.H., d. Aug. 15, 1844, age 29 yrs.





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