Pioneer Women of Lake County, Indiana 1834 – 1850

“Pioneer Women of Lake County, Indiana” features biographical sketches of pioneer women of Lake County, Indiana who lived within the county in 1834-1850. These 45 sketches were written by their direct descendants and compiled by historians Avis Bryant Brown of Crown Point, Indiana, and Ethel Alice Vinnedge of Creston, Indiana. These biographies will provide insight for the genealogist into the lives of the women and are listed below the digital book.

Pioneer Women of Lake County, Indiana Digital Book

Biographical Sketches

  • Agnew, Nancy Bryant – Mrs. David Agnew
  • Brannon, Eleanor Foster – Mrs. James Brannon
  • Brass, Julia Watkins – Mrs. Allen H. Brass
  • Bryant, Joanna Woodruff, Mrs. Samuel Bryant
  • Church, Mary Ellen Fancher – Mrs. Church
  • Clark, Harriet Storey – Mrs. Joseph Addison Clark
  • Clark, Marrietta – Mrs. Jabez Clark
  • Clark, Mary Hackley – Mrs. Wellington Clark
  • Crawford, Adelaide Staley – Mrs. John A. Crawford
  • Curtis, Clarinda H. Warner – Mrs. John J. Curtis
  • Dinwiddie, Mary Janette Perkins – Mrs. John W. Dinwiddie
  • Dodge, Lucretia DeGau – Mrs. Henry Dodge
  • Dodge, Jerusha – Mrs. Paul Dodge
  • Driscoll, Betsy Murphy – Mrs. John Driscoll
  • Dwyer, Cornelia Artemissa Clark – Mrs. John Dwyer
  • Eddy, Ruth Ann Wells – Mrs. Russell Eddy
  • Fleck, Barbara Schuttler – Mrs. Paul Fleck
  • Foster, Lucy Jane Hathaway – Mrs. George Lyman Foster
  • Harrison, Elizabeth Wood – Mrs. John Harrison
  • Herlitz, Gascha Berger – Mrs. Lewis E. Herlitz
  • Holton, Harriet Warner – Mrs. Alexander Holton
  • Kilbourne, Frances Carlotte Evans – Mrs. Albert Kilbourne
  • Lilley, Dorothy Taylor – Mrs. Calvin Lilley
  • Little, Myra Ames – Mrs. Thomas Little
  • McCarty, Deida Young – Mrs. Benjamin McCarty
  • Palmer, Almira Taylor – Mrs. James Palmer
  • Peach, Susanna Garrish – Mrs. Henry Peach
  • Pierce, Marcia Ann Crawford – Mrs. Myiel Pierce
  • Pulver, Mary Tobias – Mrs. David Pulver
  • Sanders, Emma Harris – Mrs. William Sanders
  • Sanders, Mary Haines – Mrs. James Steel Sanders
  • Scritchfield, Esther Ann Highfield – Mrs. Hiram Scritchfield
  • Sherman, Celestia Smith – Mrs. William Sherman
  • Spalding, Cynthia Dodge – Mrs. Joshua Parks Spalding
  • Spalding, Nancy Parker – Mrs. Herman Meyer Spalding
  • Taylor, Emma Louisa Palmer – Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Taylor
  • Taylor, Julia Ann Taylor – Mrs. Obadiah G. Taylor
  • Taylor, Lucy Winchester – Mrs. Adonijah Taylor
  • Taylor, Lydia O’Dell – Mrs. Sylvester Taylor
  • Taylor, Sarah Ann O’Dell – Mrs. Horace Taylor
  • Turner, Susan Patterson – Miss
  • Vinnedge, Lorena Baker – Mrs. David Vinnedge
  • Wallace, Stella Louise Vandercar – Mrs. Lester Wallace
  • Warriner, Sabra – Mrs. Lewis Warriner
  • Wason, Betsy Rockwood Abbot – Mrs. Hiram Wason


Brown, Avis Bryant and Vinnedge, Ethel Alice; Pioneer Women of Lake County, Indiana 1834 – 1850; self-published, 1979.

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