The ABC Family Chronicles

A number of years ago this author was researching information for a local history book. During that time she encountered numerous names that were members of her family heritage. That heritage went back in time in that same local area over a hundred years ago. Four of her family lines which came to Shelby County, Illinois are discussed in this volume.

The Stoneburner line begins with the author’s mother and she is in the eighth generation from 1752. The Spracklin line begins with the author’s grandmother (mother’s mother) and she is in the sixth generation from 1823. The Austin line begins with the author s great-grandmother (mother’s grandmother) and she is in the 8th generation from 1687. The Broyles line contains three sets of maternal grandparents three generations back.

However, this work traces the ancestry forward rather than backward. It is impossible in a work of this type to include all the descendants over a span of 300 years. Documentation is included as much as possible as well as an index to make it easier for the researcher. Invariably there will be mistakes. May a relative be not too upset if a mistake is made.

Stoneburner – Germany, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois
Spracklin – England, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois
Austin – England, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois
Broyles – Germany, Virginia, Illinois

John Marion, third child of Robert and Margaret, had married Margaret Hannah Mohler in Muskingum County, Ohio. All their children-Leona, William E., Linzie O., Lyman, John W., and Hattie E. were born in Ohio. In 1884 most of this family likewise moved to Shelby County, Illinois. John and Maggie purchased land in Cold Spring township and remained there throughout their lives.

Linzie O., son of John and Maggie, remained in Shelby County, Illinois also. He married Ella Alice Miller and they raised a family of four children-Lawrence A., Everett, Sylvia and Franklin. Linzie and Ella lived near Herrick, Illinois the remainder of their lives.

Lawrence A., oldest son of Linzie and Ella, married Goldie Ardath Spracklin, the Spracklin line being included in this work. Goldie’s mother was an Austin, hence, the Austin line. Two of Goldie’s great-grandmothers were Broyles, hence the Broyles line. Lawrence and Goldie had one daughter Lena who married James Harvey Cox, parents of the author.



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