Genealogy of John Marion Stoneburner

John M., son of Robert and Margaret Landerman Stoneburner, lived in Muskingum County, Ohio after his marriage to Margaret Hannah Mohler on 11 March 1869. She was the daughter of Adam and Caroline Dozer Mohler. Sometime in 1884 the family moved to Shelby County, Illinois. On Monday September 3, 1928, “about 40 members of the Stoneburner families gathered at the home of John M. Stoneburner and wife to enjoy the day. There were five generations present. At the noon hour a bountiful dinner was served on the lawn. All enjoyed a fine time.

“Those present were: Elmer Potts and wife; George Rice and wife; Ira McQuinn, wife and son; Mr. Horsely and Harry Pierce and wife, all of Springfield; Guy Hinkle; Lyman Stoneburner and family of Pana; L. O. and Lawrence Stoneburner and their families. All departed at a late hour planning to have more reunions.”

John M. and Margaret lived on a farm in Section 28 of Cold Spring Township–an 80 acre tract in 1930. In June of 1929 Margaret left her husband John M. She took legal action restraining him from disposing of any property and filed for separate maintenance. John M. Stoneburner died almost a year later in April, 1930. His obituary read:

“John M. Stoneburner, son of Robert and Margaret Stoneburner, was born 31 Jan. 1847 Muskingum Co., Ohio and departed this life April 9, 1930, aged 83 years, 2 months and 9 days.

He was married to Maggie Mohler March 11, 1869, and his wife still survives. To this union were born six children namely Leona Potts of Springfield; Hattie E. who departed this life April 12, 1899; William of Crivitz, Wisconsin; Lyman L. of Pana, and Linzy O. and John W. of Herrick. He is survived by 29 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great grandchild.

Mr. Stoneburner was a resident of Shelby County for 45 years and was well known by everyone. He was the last one of a family of six brothers and sisters.

The neighbors of ‘Dad’ Stoneburner, as he was familiarly known, Will all be glad to add a word of praise for the departed man. He was honest, and his word was as good as his bond, which in these days cannot be said of every man.

He was charitable–never refusing to add his share, or more to help any just cause.”

In his will he listed their children as heirs and left a thousand dollars to his widow. His first stated directive in his will written 7 May 1929 was to be buried decently in his home cemetery which was near Herrick. Margaret, his widow, continued living near Herrick until her death 10 March 1935. Her obituary read:

“Maggie M. Stoneburner, better known as Grandma Stoneburner, daughter of Adam and Caroline Mohler, was born in Muskingum Co., Ohio, October 1, 1853 and departed this life on Sunday, March 10th, 1935, at the age of 81 years, 5 months and 9 days.

She was united in marriage to John M. Stoneburner on March 11, 1869.

She leaves also two sisters and one brother, living in Ohio, 30 grandchildren, 39 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

Ten days before her death she asked for the sacrament of Baptism, which she most graciously received. She renewed her vows to her God, sang His praises and left evidence that she was ready for the Great Beyond.

Pallbearers were grandsons of Mrs. Stoneburner, namely, Harry, George, Albert, Lawrence and Franklin, and Clyde Frost.”

Her estate sale was held on the 28 March 1935.

503 John Marion Stoneburner born 31 Jan. 1847 Morgan Co., Ohio married 11 March 1869 Margaret Hannah Mohler born 1 Oct. 1853 Muskingum Co., Ohio died 10 March 1935 Shelby Co… Ill. died 9 April 1930 Shelby Co., Ill.

Children of John Marion Stoneburner and Margaret Hannah Mohler:

  1. 601 Leona Stoneburner born 10 May 1870 Muskingum Co., Ohio married 1. Charles H. Walden, married 2. Elmer Potts. She died 6 Sept. 1940 Shelby Co., Ill.
  2. 602 William E. Stoneburner born Nov. 1873 married circa 1896 Bertha Roley
    ch: Louis J., Fred, etal?
  3. 603 Linzie Otis Stoneburner born 3 Feb. 1876 Muskingum Co., Ohio married 25 April 1901 Ella Alice Miller died 8 March 1944 Shelby Co., Ill.
  4. 604 Lyman Stoneburner born Muskingum Co., Ohio married Mary Bateman died 4 Jan. 1931 Shelby Co., Ill.
    1. 710 Harry Stoneburner died bef. 1981
    2. 711 Hazel Stoneburner married 1. — McDaniel, 2. — Newman
    3. 712 Homer Stoneburner
    4. 713 George Wayne “Stoney” Stoneburner born circa 1913 Shelby Co., Ill. married died 4 June 1971 Macon County, Illinois
      1. 820 Lee Stoneburner
      2. 821 George Stoneburner, Jr,
      3. 822 Gail Stoneburner
      4. 823 Lorene Stoneburner married Moreau
      5. 824 Shirley Stoneburner married Taylor
    5. 714 Opal Stoneburner married Davis died before 1981
    6. 715 Garnett Stoneburner married 1. — Craig, 2. — Smith.
    7. 716 Zella May Stoneburner married Fenton
    8. 717 Mary Jane Stoneburner married Stephens
    9. 718 Betty Stoneburner married Hill
  5. 605 John W. Stoneburner born 11 June 1880 Muskingum Co., Ohio married Bessie L. Riley died 9 Dec. 1962 Shelby Co., Ill.
    ch: Rubie, Charles, Albert, Bertha, Delmar, and Dorothy
  6. 606 Hattie Stoneburner died 12 April 1899 Shelby Co., Ill.

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