Biography of Edgar Fenton Broomhall

Edgar Fenton Broomhall is secretary of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company with headquarters and home at Parsons. Native ability and long experience in railroading have given Mr. Broomhall unusual qualifications for the large responsibilities he now enjoys.

He was born in Chicago August 18, 1877, and from that date it will be seen that he is still a young man. His father, Charles W. Broomhall, was born in Wilmington, Ohio, August 9, 1850, grew up and married in his native state, and in early life learned telegraphy and was an operator until 1888. For several years he was a clerk in the offices of the Missouri Pacific Railway Company, but for the past twenty-five years had been employed by the St. Louis Transfer Company, and resided at St. Louis. He is a republican and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Charles W. Broomhall married Lodema Jane Nitchman, who was born in Ohio February 3, 1855. Their children are: Edith May, widow of August Busch, who was a painter at St. Louis; Edgar F.; and Florence, wife of Bruce Cameron, who is superintendent of transportation of the United Railways at St. Louis, Mrs. Cameron having taught school six years before her marriage.

Edgar F. Broomhall received his early education in the public schools of Chicago and St. Louis. He had one year in the St. Louis High School, and in 1892 gave up his books and studies to find place as a practical worker in the world. He started as a messenger and continued that occupation about five months. For four years he was employed by the St. Louis Transfer Company. In 1897 he became clerk in the offices of the Missouri Pacific Railway. He was promoted to station accountant, and resigned that in 1903 to enter the service of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company, where many subsequent promotions have brought him to his office as secretary. For a time he was traveling auditor with headquarters at Muskogee, Oklahoma. After three years he was promoted to general bookkeeper in the offices at St. Louis, and filled that position three years. He was then made auditor of disbursement of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Co., of Texas, at Dallas, Texas. Resigning after one year he returned to Kansas and was traveling auditor for about one year, and then took a position in the home offices representing the comptroller and auditor in matters of disbursements. He filled that place for two years until 1914. Since then he had been accountant of the Valnation Committee, and on September 15, 1915, also assumed the duties of secretary of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company.

Since July 1, 1915, Mr. Broomhall had had his home in Parsons, at 619 S. Fifteenth St. He is a republican, a member of the Presbyterian Church, belongs to Cornerstone Lodge No. 323, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons at St. Louis, and in Scottish Rite affiliation belongs to Indian Consistory No. 2 at McAlester, Oklahoma.

On June 12, 1909, at St. Louis he married Miss Tillie M. Rauschkolb, daughter of Louis and Minnie Rauschkolb. Her father, now deceased, was a painter by trade. Her mother is still living in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Broomhall have two children: Mary, born May 14, 1910; and Russell, born October 11, 1914. Mr. Broomhall is of English ancestors, various members of the family having come from England to Pennsylvania in colonial times. His grandfather Webb Broomhall, was a resident of Ohio where he died.



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