Thomas Love – Commissioned Justice of Peace


To all who shall see theses presents-Greeting:

KNOW YE, That we do Commission Thomas D. Love, Esquires, of the County of Carter, Justices, of the Peace, in and for said County, of the and do authorize and empower them, and each of them, to execute and fulfill the duties of a Justice of the Peace, in and for said County, agreeably to the Constitution and Laws of this State; during good behavior; with all the powers, privileges and emoluments thereto appertaining.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the Great Seal of the State to be affixed at Murfreesborough, this 23rd, day of Augt. 1822.

By the Governor,

David Graham WM. Carroll,

Secretary of State.

Note: Justice of the Peace, in those days, was a very high Office, and the very best men in the country held it. The Office sought the man, instead of the man seeking the Office. The people wanted an honest, upright man to sit in Judgment over their affairs, and it was to such men that all Offices went. Thomas D. Love was at the time of holding this Office, a lawyer, and was a very prominent man, being the adviser and counselor of the people, who always went to him with their troubles. He exerted his influence always, in keeping down litigation, and in making peaceful adjustment of the differences that arose among the inhabitants. Today the condition is different. Lawyers and Offices, generally, try to stir up litigation, and endeavor to array neighbor against neighbor, and bring about family disintegration if possible, anything for retainers and fees seem to be the maxim.

What a deplorable state of affairs! It would cause our ancestors to blush with shame, and bless their God that they lived in those good old days when men loved their fellow men, and loved their country; all of which, a few paltry dollars could not disturb-F.D. Love.



Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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