Robert Love and Sarah Matilda Alexander – Descendants

Robert Love, fourth son of Thomas Dillard Love and Anna (Taylor) Love, was born on Buffalo Creek(at its source), Carter County, East Tennessee, April 25th, 1819, and married Sarah Matilda Alexander May 25th, 1848 in Buncombe County, N.C. (on the French Broad River), and by her had ten children. He died September 1st, 1876 at his home in Johnson City, Washington County, East Tennessee. His children are as follows:

1) Nancy Leonora Love, b. March 17th, 1849; d. July 31st, 1867; unmarried.

2) James Alexander Love, b. July 18th, 1851; d. March 4th, 1852.

3) Anna Elizabeth Love, b. January __ 1853; married John Henry Carter of Asheville, N.C. (formerly of Henry County, Virginia) and by him had five children, towit: (a) Robert Love Carter, b. 1879; (b) Max Henry Carter, b. in 1880. (c) Mary Love Carter (now Mrs. Manton Marble Oliver, and living at Reidsville, N.C.) b. October 19th 1882. (d) Jack Hilliard Carter, b. 6-19-1892 d. 8-3-1925. (e) Thomas Carter, b. 7-20-1895. All of these live at Reidsville, N.C. with their Father, who is there engaged in the Tobacco Business. I will here state that after the death of my Mother on October 13th, 1871, Mrs. Carter, then but 18 years took care of my Father’s house and raised all the minor children, myself especially, as I was the youngest-F.D. Love

4) Alfred Thomas Love, b. July 13th, 1855. d. 3-17-1930. Unmarried and still living on the old ante-bellum homestead on Gap Creek, in Carter County, East Tennessee.

5) Nathaniel Clay Love, b. September 30th, 1857; d. Nov. 23rd, 1925. m. Mary Wilson of Asheville, N.C. and by her has three children, towit: Robert, Evelyn Wyche, and Alfred Taylor Love. They are living on the Old Taylor Farm in Happy Valley, Carter County, East Tennessee. The place is known in that section as the “Polly Taylor Place”. Located on an eminence, and commanding a very picturesque prospect of the Watauga Valley and River and surrounding country. This is my blind Brother, having lost his sight before the age of thirteen; the first eye by the lodgment in his eye of a part of a cap from an old “Cap and Ball” pistol, and the physician, Dr. Sevier, a descendant of Col. John Sevier, in his attempt to extract it, let his instrument slip and cut the pupil of the eye; the second time and the other eye, at playing “mumble-peg”.

6) Harriette Elizabeth Duffield Love, b. October 19th 1861; d. November 9th, 1861.

7) Mary Orra Novella Love, b. January 3rd, 1860; m. LeRoy H. Shields, of Norfolk, Virginia, who died in 1890. By this marriage she had three children, (a) Frances, b. 1886, about December of that year. (b) Virginia (now changed to LeRoy) b. about two years later and (c) Dorothy, born about four years later than Frances, and did in the year 1890. Mary Orra Novella Love married Mr. Shield on the 29th, Day of December 1885. She is now in Dresden, Germany, having gone there from Paris, France. She is educating her children in the schools of these cities in Music and the Arts.

8) Robert Edmund Lee Love, B. January 13th, 1864; d. unmarried, and is living on his farm in Unicio County, East Tennessee, near the town of Erwin.

9) Sarah Rowena Pender Love, b. October 10th, 1866; d. December 28th , 1867.

10) Franklin Deaderick Love, B. May 22nd, 1870; m. Nellie Beveridge Lockett, daughter of Melville Beveridge Lockett and Annie (Johnson) Lockett, of Georgetown, Texas. They now live in Georgetown, Texas, where F.D. Love came on January 18th, 1897. He was married Miss Lockett at 6 o’clock November the 20th, 1902.

Note: Sarah Matilda Love consort of Robert Love died on the 13th, day of October 1871. Robert Love died September 1st, 1876. Anna Elizabeth (Love) Carter, died April 15th, 1900 in Asheville, N.C. and is buried in the Cemetery that over-looks the French Broad River. Robert Love, his wife, Sarah M. Love, Nancy Leonora Love and Sarah Rowena Pender Love are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee. James Alexander Love, Robert Andrew Jackson Love and Harriette Elizabeth Duffield Love are buried in the Old Taylor Cemetery on Buffalo Creek, one mile from its mouth. At this Latter Place, lies grandfather, Thomas Dillard Love and his wife, Anna (Taylor) Love; also, many of my Father’s brothers and sisters. This is a historic Cemetery, having been used by the Taylors for now nearly a century. I will make reference to it in another part of this “Batch”, when I refer to the Taylors. (F.D. Love, May 30th, 1903).

Alexander, Love,


Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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