Hunt Family of Ballysinode

B111 HENRY HUNT, Esq., of Gosfield, in Essex; high sheriff of that co.: m. Jane de Vere, of the noble House of Oxford; had issue, John, Henry., Dorothy and Jane. The eldest son-B112.

B112 JOHN, Captain in the Army, temp. Charles I; one of “The ’49 Officers”; granted lands in the barony of Talbots Town, co.Wicklow, in part satisfaction for his services in Ireland, 1667;
s. by his son-B113.

B113 VERE, Esq. of Williamstown, co. Limerick; sold the lands granted to his father in the co. Wicklow, and purchased other estates m the co. Limerick.
(1) John, of Glangoole, co. Tipperary, his heir: b. 1633; will
made Oct. 1736, proved 1737; d. 1736, aged 103 yrs.;
m. (1st) the dau. of Rev. John Hicks, and had, with three
(1) Alice, (2) Susan, (3) Gertrude, four sons,
(A) Vere Hunt-B114.
(B) William.
(a) John, (b) Phineas, (c) Thomas.
(C) John. (D) Daniel.

John, of Glangoole, m. (2ndly) Miss Bowles, by whom he had further issue of eight daus.,
Elizabeth (Mrs. Foster),
Anne (Mrs. Odell),
Mary (Mrs. Sprigg),
Penelope (Mrs. Halpin),
Lucy, Dorothea,
Ameba (all provided for in their father’s will), and four sons,
(E) Thomas.
(F) Henry.
(G) James.
(H) George.
(2) Henry-B116.

B114 VERE (Rev.) of Glangoole: d. intestate; administration granted to his widow, Sept. 1, 1759; s. by his eldest son.
(1) Vere-B115.
(2) Henry.
(A) Vere Dawson, of Cappagh-White co. Tipperary; will dated 1790; proved 1792; had issue, with three daus.,
Mary Elizabeth (m. her cousin, Rev. John Hunt, of High Park),
Elizabeth (Mrs. Short), and Henrietta (b. after 1790) ; three sons,
(a) Vero Dawson, of Cappagh-White; bapt. “Moses,” but required by his father’s will to adopt the name “Vere Dawson.”
1. Mare: m. Thomas Pennefather, Esq.
2. Vere.
A. Vere: m. Miss Walker.
B. William.
3. Dawson. 4. Charles: d. unm. in Australia.
(b) Henry Davis, of Curragheen, co. Tipperary: 1789-1827.
1. Vere Dawson: b. 1816; d. unm. 1840.
2. Robert Fitz-Maurice, of Curragheen, co. Tipperary: b. 1824.
3. Wary-: b. 1815; d. mum. 1879.
4. Anne Dorothea: b. 1819; d. unm.
5. Georgina Margaret: 1821-1853.
(c) Fitz-Maurice.
(B) Fitz-Maurice, settled in early life in North America, where he held large estates in the State of Georgia; living there in 1812.
(C) Percy: d. s. p.
(D) Henry, of Ballysinode, co. Tipperary: left one dau.,Jane; m. her cousin, Vere David Urquhart Hunt, Esq. of Friarstown.
(E) Damer Hunt, of Millbrook, co. Tipperary: left a dau., Mary Anne,; m. Rev. John Hunt, of Hunt. Park.

B115 VERE, Esq. of Curragh, co. Limerick; will dated 1783; proved 1787..
(1) Sir Vere, Baronet of Curragh Chase, so created 1784
(2) John Fitz-Maurice high sheriff, co. Limerick, 1802.

B116 HENRY (brother of John, of Glangoole), Esq. of Ligadoon, near co. Limerick; was living in 1730.
(1) John, of Ligadoon; will dated 1759; d. s. p.
(2) Henry-B117.
(3) Robert: d. intestate, leaving one son,
(A) Robert, of Inchirourke.
(4) Anne: m. (settlement dated 13 and 14 Jan., 1726) Vere Royse, Esq. of Nantenan, co. Limerick.

B117 HENRY, Esq. of Friarstown; obtained that estate from Henry Ingoldsby, 1730; will dated 1762.
(1) Were-B118.
(2) Daniel, of Ballygaddy, co. Galway.
(3) Henry, of Clorane, co. Limerick.

B118 VERE, Esq. of Friarstown; a minor at his father’s death.
(1) Williarn-B119.
(2) Rev. John, of High Park, co. Tipperary: d. 1837; m. (1st) Mary Elizabeth (dau. of Vero Hunt, Esq. of Cappagh-White) ; was d. s. p.; (2ndly), 1812, Mary
Anne (dau. of Damer Hunt, Esq. of Millbrook, co. Tipperary), by whom he had issue
(A) Vere, of High Park, J. P.: b. 1814.
(a) Jenny: b. 1861.
(b) Vere Robert:b. 1875.
(c) Mary: b. 1871.
(d) Fanny: b. 1872.

(B) Fitz-Maurice (Rev.).
(C) Mary Anne.
(D) Wilhelmina.
(E) Fanny Margaret.
(3) Thomas.
(A) Vere: d. unm. (B) Thomas Bloomfield.
(C) Robert, of Cloghardromin and Green Hill, co. Limerick; high sheriff, 1840-41: b. 1814. Ch.:
Ellen Anne (m. 1868, Col. Vere Hunt Bowles),
Frances Dorothea (m. 1861, Lieut.-Gen. Charles Elmhirst, C.B.),
Meriel Kate (m. 1869, Alexander Caulfield, Esq. of Grenadier Guards),
Maria Sarah (m. 1877, Peter Gerald Griffin), Thomas Rochfort (b. 1834),
George Gerald Hunt (b. 1840),
William Lewis (b.1843).
(D) Rochfort.
(4) Mary: m. Robert Ross, Esq.
(A) Anne: m. her cousin, Henry Davis Hunt, Esq.

B119 WILLIAM, Esq. of Friarstown: m. Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of David Urquhart,
(1) Vere David Urquhart-B120.
(2) William Henn: 1795-1867.
(A) William Robert: b. 1837.
(B) Rochfort Vere (Major), of Ligadoon: b. 1842.
(a) Emily Anne Urquhart: b. 1873.
(C) Anna Maria: b. 1839. (D) Jane: b. 1841.
(E) Elizabeth Harrison: b. 1847.

B120 VERE DAVID URQUHART, Esq. of Friarstown: b. 1794; m. Jane (dau. of Henry Hunt, Esq. of Ballysinode) ; d. 1854.
(1) William: b. 1818; d. unm. 1834.
(2) Henry: b. 1820; d. unm. 1866.
(3) Vere: b. 1822; d. unm. 1844.
(4) George Hodges, of co. Limerick: 1824-1862.
(A) Vere David Urquhart, now of Faha, co. Limerick, and Ballysinode, co . Tipperary: b. 1856.
(B) Godfrey Massy: b. 1859.
(C) George Hodges: b. 1861.
(5) John Thomas Urquhart, of Friarstown: b. 1829.
(6) Edmond Langley, of Curragh Bridge, co. Limerick: b. 1831.
(A) Vere Valentine: b. 1860.
(B) Francis William: b. 1867.
(C) Edmond Langley: b. 1868.
(D) Henry: b. 1869.
(E) Edward Dillon: b. 1870.
(F) William Power: b. 1871.
(G) Rochfort Noel: b. 1872.
(H) Annie Henrietta: b. 1877.
(7) Fitz-Maurice: b. 1836.
(8) Samuel Bradshaw, Surgeon-Major in the Army: b. 1840.
(A) Frederick John Robert: b. 1871.
(B) Vere Henry Wilson: 1872-18 7 8.
(9) Elizabeth Mary: m. Matthew Shine, Esq.



Seaver, J. Montgomery. Hunt Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society. 1929.

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