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Genealogy of the Taylor Family, taken from the old Taylor Family Bible, now in the possession of the only oldest surviving members, (William Carter Taylor & George Duffield Taylor) on Buffalo Creek, Carter County, East Tennessee.

Andrew Taylor, b.______; m. Ann Wilson; d. 1787; and by her had several children, one of whom was Nathaniel Taylor, who was born on the 4th, day of February 1772, in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He married Marry Patton, daughter of James and Sarah Patton, of Rockbridge County, Virginia on November 15th, 1791. She was born in the same County on the 15th, day of November 1772. Nathaniel Taylor went from Carter County, East Tennessee on horse-back for his wife; married her and brought her back from Virginia behind him to the home of his Father, Andrew Taylor, on Buffalo Creek, near the confluence of Buffalo Creek and Powder Branch. The old HOME was located on a small eminence near the site of the Present Taylor Homestead. Only a few stones mark the site of the old HOME. Back of the old HOME, on the top of the hill a little to the South East, lies the Grave Yard where all the Taylors for the past two generations are buried, as well as a great many of the Loves. Nathaniel Taylor’s grave is covered with a large marble slab.


Nathaniel Taylor and Mary (Patton) Taylor.


1) James Patton Taylor, b 5th, day of November 1792; m. Mary Caroline Carter, b. 5-5-1799 daughter of General Landon Carter, on the 22nd, day August 1816; d.____ day of _____ 18__. He had several children. some of whom were Nathaniel Greene Taylor, who married Emma Taylor (Haynes), the sister of Landon O. Haynes, and who was the Father of James Patton Taylor, Alfred A. Taylor, Nathaniel W. Taylor, Governor Robert Love Taylor, David Haynes Taylor, Hugh L. Taylor, Rhoda Taylor, Evaline Taylor and Sanna Taylor. He died in 1887, and lived to a ripe old age, and was quite a prominent man, having gone to Congress several times and was Appointed Indian Agent under President Andrew Johnson. He was also a Methodist preacher, and was a highly educated man, having graduated very early from the University of Princeton, New Jersey, with honors. His son, Robert Love Taylor, was elected to Congress from the First District of Tennessee in 1878, over Pittibone, a Republican, by a large majority-being the only Democrat elected to congress from that District since the War (Civil): he was also elected Governor of Tennessee three terms,–Prior to that he was elector for the State of the Cleveland ticket-and was withal a very wonderful man-He is now on the Lecture Platform where has been for the past ten years, making now $20,0000.00 a year under a contract of the National Lyceum Bureau of Rochester, New York. His son, Alfred A. Taylor, has been three times elected to Congress on the Republican Ticket, but retired to take the Lecture Platform at a salary of $1000.00 per month, with the same Bureau as above. James P. Taylor, his son, is a farmer, living on the Nola Chucky River, Washington County, Tennessee, and is by far the brainiest man of the family. He is very strong with the pen, and should have followed journalism, in which profession he would have been very eminent. But being modest, he sought the quiet farm life. *It may be that later on I will be able to gather more data for this “batch” and will, if I do, incorporate them herein.F.D.L.

2) Anna Taylor, b. on the 10th day of April 1794; m. Thomas Dillard Love, on 16th day of June 1812; d. on the 23rd day of April 1843

3) Elizabeth Taylor, b. 4th day of October 1796; m. Thomas Taylor on the 16th day of May 1816; d. July 1821 in White Co. Tenn.

4) Alfred Wilson Taylor, b. 10th day of July 1798; m. Elizabeth Duffield, daughter of General George Alfred Duffield, formerly of Pennsylvania, but at that time living at Elizabethton, Carter County, East Tennessee on the 1st day of October 1822; d. on Saturday the 11th day of October 1856 at 45 minutes of 10 o’clock A.M. His wife, Elizabeth Duffield Taylor, died March the 31st, 1878 at 1:20 A.M. He lived to serve his country well as a conciliator, as a lawyer, and was known as “Honest Alfred Taylor”.

5) Lorina Taylor, b. on the 2nd day of May 1800; m. Jacob Tipton on the First day of January 1818; d.3-12-1874

6) Mary Carter Taylor, b. September 25th, 1806; m. Dr. William R. D________, S________ County, Tennessee; d._________; had quite a posterity.

7) Saraphina Taylor, b. June 23rd, 1808; m. General Alfred E. Jackson, of Jonesboro, Tennessee; d._________

8) Nathaniel Kennedy Taylor, b. 2nd February 1813; d. Tuesday 7th, December 1847, 10 minutes before 1 o’clock, never married.

Love, Taylor,


Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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