Florida Militia Muster Rolls, Seminole Indian Wars

Yaha Hajo, A Seminole War Chief
Yaha Hajo, A Seminole War Chief

This series of the Florida Indian Wars Militia Muster Roles has been produced through the courtesy of the Jacksonville Genealogical Society. The Historical Services Division of the Florida Department of Military Affairs provided the photostatic copies of the original muster roles and individual members of the Jacksonville Genealogical Society laboriously transcribed the information contained therein and later, proofed and typed them. They have been accorded the right to produce these lists in book form for commercial sale.

The Department would like to express its deepest appreciation to the Society for their willingness to help us provide this important historical material to the widest possible audience.

Robert Hawk

Seminole War,

Florida Department of Military Affairs, Office of the Adjutant General, State Arsenal. Florida Militia Muster Rolls, Seminole Indian Wars. St. Augustine, Florida. 1968.

1 thought on “Florida Militia Muster Rolls, Seminole Indian Wars”

  1. A comment and a question:
    1. In the roster of the Mounted Company, First Regiment, Second Brigade, I found my great-great-great-grandfather Micajah Dean, and two of my great-great-grandfathers, William H. Rousseau (mistakenly listed as Rosseau) and Abel MacArdle. William H’s son married Abel MacArdle’s daughter. Micajah Dean was William H’s father-in-law.
    2. Question: Is the Robert Hawk who is listed as the Director of this website the same Robert Hawk who taught history at Sante Fe Community College back in the 1970’s? I had a terrific history professor by that name.

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