Mounted Company, First Regiment, 2nd Brigade Florida Militia

Muster Roll of Captain James Edwards, Mounted Company of the 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade of the Florida Militia, commanded by Colonel John Warren; ordered into service of the United States by Major Gen. Thomas L. Jessup from the 27th day of January to the 5th day of June 1837.

All were enrolled on the 27th of January 1837 at Fort Beckham by Lt. Col. Mills. Captain Edwards, 1st Lieut. Tillis, and 2nd Lieut. Morgan each had one servant and two horses.

  • Edwards, James Captain
  • Tillis, Willoughby 1st Lieutenant
  • Morgan, Daniel 2nd Lieutenant
  • Rosseau, W. H. 1st Sergeant.
  • Barber, Samuel 2nd Sergeant.
  • Carver, Elijah 3rd Sergeant.
  • Edwards, Moses 4th Sergeant.
  • Tillis, Wayne 1st Corporal
  • Stewart, Daniel 2nd Corporal
  • McClellan Andrew 3rd Corporal
  • Hinson, James 4th Corporal
  • Privates
  • Blunt, Redin R.
  • Carver, William
  • Blount, Redin R.
  • Carver, Sampson
  • Carver, Thomas F.
  • Carver, Wilson
  • Carver, Vincent
  • Curl, Elisha
  • Curry, Joel
  • Daniels, Isaac
  • Daniels, Elam
  • Daniels, Aaron
  • Davis, Lewis B.
  • Dean, Micajah
  • Ellils, Thos. R.
  • Gillett, Anderson
  • Kean, Wiley
  • Lane, James
  • Light, William
  • Medlin, Willis, Senr.
  • Medlin, William, Junr.
  • Morgan, Jackson
  • Morgan, Crispin
  • Morgan, Ephram
  • Morgan, Ephram H.
  • MacArdale, Abel C.
  • Newman, James
  • Parker, Luke
  • Parker, William
  • Parker, Shetty
  • Parker, Owen
  • Powell, John
  • Powell, William
  • Reed, William M.
  • Rowling, William
  • Sistrunk, Caspar
  • Swinney, Henry S.
  • Smith, Henry
  • Smith, Isaac
  • Smith, Robert
  • Shepherd, D. H.
  • Sumerall, Jacob
  • Sumerall, John
  • Tillis, Joseph
  • Tillis, Richard
  • Tillis, Thomas
  • Tucker, John E.
  • Vickers, Aaron
  • Vickers, Richard
  • Walker, Elias
  • Walker, Elisha
  • Wiley, Aldridge
  • Wilinson, David
  • Watsay, Fermell
  • Wood, Absolam
  • Wright, Levi
  • Wright, A. J. T.

“I certify on honor . . . for the period herein mentioned . . . this muster to be true and just . . . and that the men could not attend at Camp Gilliland for want of subsistence and forage for their horses.”

Jas. Edwards, Capt. , Commanding the Company.
Date: 5th June 1837
Station: Fort Beckham; place to be mustered out of Fort Gilliland.

Certified a true muster and comments above repeated by R. Vinton, Inspector General and Mustering Officer.

Florida Department of Military Affairs, Office of the Adjutant General, State Arsenal. Florida Militia Muster Rolls, Seminole Indian Wars. St. Augustine, Florida. 1968.

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