Genealogy of Nicholas Baker of Scituate Massachusetts

K155 NICHOLAS BAKER: b. in England, 1610; d. in Scituate, Mass., 1678; St. John’s College, Cambridge, Eng., 1632; M.A. 1635; ordained as a minister in Scituate, and served the Puritan Church there until death; may have married his first wife in Eng.; m. (2), 1663.

  1. Samuel: 1628-1714; m. Fear Robinson; m. (2), Abigail (Lathrop) Huntington; lived in Hull, Barnstable, Norwich, Conn., Windham and Windsor, Conn.
    1. John: 1672-1763; m. Anna Annable; purchased lands in Windham County, Conn., 1643.
      1. Samuel: 1706-1791; m. Prudence Jenkins.
        1. Samuel: 1740-1812; m. Lydia Smith; m. (2), Chloe Silsby; m. (3), Sarah Farnham; established a separatist church called the “Brunswick Church”.
          1. Erastus: b. 1764.
          2. Ephraim: b. 1766; m. Phebe Edgerton Abbott; m. (2), Mary Kelsey; moved from Windham Co., to Salisbury, and then to Catskill, N. Y.
            1. Henry: moved to North Carolina before the Civil War.
            2. Charles: 1790-1853; m. Eleanor Abeel; a capt. in the War of 1812; in 1838, located in Columbus Twp., St. Clair Co., Mich.
              1. Moses Cantine: 1823-1894; m. Clarisa Thurston, moved to Oceana Co., Mich. Ch.: 
                1. Ashley Cantine: b. 1849; m. Beatrice Woodward. 
                  1. Henry Woodward (b. 1887; m. Elsie Phipps),
                  2. Floyd Miller (b. 1897). Frank E.: b. 1851; m. Emma Hall; d. 1907; had Clyde Harvey (b. 1882).
              2. Garrett A.: m.; in 1883 lived near Marshville, Mich. Ch.: Everett; Albert; William; Moses Cantine.
              3. Henry Augustus: m.; d. at Port Huron, Mich., 1873.
              4. Charles Nelson: 1832-1875; m. Mary E. Kenyon; served in Civil War, commissioned a Major, 1864. Ch.: Burton Sydney: b. 1865; m. Maude McNeill. Ch.: Fred Abbott: b. 1870; m. Ada Claia Lester; had Leonard Lester (b. 1898).
            3. Samuel A.: 1793-1855; m. Julia Ann Chandler.
              1. Henry: b. 1820; m. Harriet Elizabeth Adams; printer; d. 1896. Ch.: Samuel A. (b. 1860).
          3. Adonijah: 1777-1852; m. Betsy Abbott; came by way of Erie Canal and a boat to Detroit in 1838. 
            1. Horace: b. 1802; m. Julia Nash, and later separated for some reason; m. (2), Helena Tucker. 
              1. Horace, Jr.: 1829-1906; m. Mary Minnie; city treasurer of Port Huron, 1863-65; county clerk of St. Clair Co., 1879-84. Ch.: Fred Alva (b. 1861; m. Jeannette A. Currie), Horace Edgar (b. 1873; m. Maud Cramer Beniteau; d. 1909).
            2. Francis: 1804-1887; m. Abigail Goodrich; representative in the Mich. Legislature.
              1. Fred Abbott: b. 1846; m. Josephine Mary Bissell. Ch.: George John (b. 1875; m. Matilda Braun), Francis Edward (b.1877).
            3. William: 1810-1870; m. Paulina Allen.
            4. John Abbot: 1812-1862; m. Laura Clannon; lieutenant and ordnance officer of the New York Seventh Regiment
              1. Eugene Abbott: b. 1861; m. Minnie Burras Dunlap. Ch.: George Carlyle (b. 1896), Gordon Abbott (b. 1903).
            5. Daniel: 1815-1900; m. Laura A. Bissell; m. (2), Mary North
          4. Septimus: b. 1778; m. Mary Baldwin; supposed to have moved to the western reserve in Ohio, but family cannot be located anywhere.
            1. Samuel: b. 1812.
          5. Ethelbert : b. 1768.
          6. Levi: b. 1783.
        2. Joseph: 1748-1804; m. Lucy Devotion; Physician and settled in Brooklyn, Conn.
          1. Rufus Lathrop: 1790-1868; m. Eliza Taintor; appointed Lieut.-Col., 1852.a. Charles Taintor: 1821-1881; m. Anna Bartlett Dwight; a Cadet at West Point; appointed Asst. Instructor of Infantry Tactics at West Point, and in 1851, made a first lieutenant;
            1. A dau. m. Julian Alden Weir, a president of the National Academy of Design of New York.
            2. William Rufus: b. 1830; graduated from Union College; moved to Paris, France. Issue.
        3. Benjamin: b. 1751; m. Lucy Bottom; lived for a time in Norwich, Conn., and supposed to moved to Ashford. Ch.: Ralph (1791), David (1796).
      2. John: 1716-1815; m. Mercy Carey.
        1. John: 1747-1828; m. Elizabeth Manning; Capt. in the Revolutionary War.
          1. Elisha: b. 1786.
          2. Hezekiah Manning: b. 1793; m. Anna Smith; had John (b. 1833).
        2. Walter: b. 1752; m. Rebeckah Carey; had James (b. 1787).
        3. Elijah: b. 1755; m. Olive Kasson. Ch.: Elijah, Jr. (b. 1780), Kasson (b. 1783), John (b. 1790).
    2. Nathaniel: 1679-1750; name of first wife, mother of all his children, is not on record.
      1. Nathaniel: 1709-1791; m. Ann Lumbard; lived in Barnstable.
        1. Isaac: 1734-1821; m. Rebecca Lewis.
          1. James.
          2. Lewis: 1761-1834; m. Lois Walker.
            1. Abel: b. 1789; m. Aurora Price; m. (2), Laura Bailey; m. (3) Udolphia Osborn.
              1. Elijah Price: 1819-1893; m. Elizabeth Austin; m. (2) Elizabeth Springler; m. (3) Palmyra Cole. Ch.: Frederick Kessler (b. 1861; m. Lynne Edir; member of Mich. State Senate, 1899-1901; moved to Washington state).
              2. Abel Walker: 1821-1883; m. Charity Brinkerhoff. Ch.: James Lewis, Frank H. b. William: b. 1799.
          3. Ezekial:
          4. Nathaniel.
          5. John: settled in Brewster, Barnstable Co., Mass.
          6. Benjamin.
      2. Nicholas: 1711-1740; m. Dorcas Backus.
        1. Ebenezer.
        2. David.
      3. Benne: 1716-1747; m. Patience Lumbard.
        1. John: b. 1743.
  2. Nicholas: b. 1650; m. Experience Collier.




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