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History of Nemaha County Nebraska

Published in 1902, John H. Dundas’s book “Nemaha County, Auburn, Nebraska” provides a personal account of the history and development of Nemaha County, referred by Dundas as “The Banner County” of Nebraska. The book documents significant historical events, including the passage of the Lewis and Clark expedition along the Missouri River. Dundas also recounts the establishment of educational institutions, religious services, and the first newspapers in the county. The early settlers’ resilience and enterprising spirit are highlighted throughout the narrative, illustrating their contributions to the county’s growth and prosperity.

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History of Long Beach, California

The “Long Beach Community Book,” authored by Walter H. Case and published in 1948 by A.H. Cawston, is an extensive exploration of the history and development of Long Beach, California. The book is divided into two main sections: a historical narrative and biographical sketches. The first part of the book offers a detailed account of Long Beach’s evolution from its early beginnings to a thriving city. It covers various aspects of the city’s growth, including its geographical advantages, municipal governance, public facilities, educational institutions, and notable events such as epochal oil discoveries and the impact of wartime activities. The narrative also addresses challenges faced by the city, such as land subsidence and the major issue of tideland rights. The second part of the book comprises biographical sketches of significant Long Beach citizens, both past and present, highlighting their contributions to the community.

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History of Ferndale and Ten Mile Townships, Washington

“Early History of Ferndale and Ten Mile Townships, Whatcom County, Washington,” authored by Chris C. Siegel and published by Cox Brothers & Williams, Inc. in Bellingham, Washington, in 1948, is an account of the early settlement and development of the Ferndale and Ten Mile townships. This book, spanning 110 pages, offers a detailed narrative focusing on the period from the arrival of the first settlers up until the year 1901, which coincides with the end of the author’s residence in the area. The continuation of the history beyond this point was intentionally left for future historians.

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History of Buffalo New York

“History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County” by Henry Perry Smith offers a comprehensive account of the development and significant events in Buffalo and Erie County, New York. Published in 1884 by D. Mason & Co. in Syracuse, New York, this two-volume work delves into the early settlement, growth, and transformation of the area. Volume II focuses on the history of Buffalo, New York. For the detailed history of Erie County, readers should refer to Volume I.

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History of Erie County New York

“History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County” by Henry Perry Smith, published in 1884, offers an extensive and detailed account of the development of Buffalo and Erie County. This two-volume work, enriched with illustrations and biographical sketches, serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the historical progression of the region from its earliest days through the 19th century. Volume I focuses on the history of Erie County, New York, and its townships, excluding Buffalo. For the detailed history of Buffalo, readers should refer to Volume II.

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Arkansas State Teachers College Yearbooks 1935-1967

The University of Central Arkansas, located in Conway, Arkansas, is a public university established in 1907 as the Arkansas State Normal School. As one of the oldest institutions in the state, UCA has played a crucial role in the education system, primarily serving as the main source of teachers for Arkansas. The Arkansas State Legislature created the Arkansas State Normal School, now known as the University of Central Arkansas, in 1907. In 1925, Arkansas State Normal School became Arkansas State Teachers College. You can browse or download the following Arkansas State Teachers College yearbooks for free. They cover various years from 1935 to 1967, although not every year within that range is included.

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History of Sierra Madre California

The *Annals of Early Sierra Madre* by Edith Blumer Bowen, published in 1950 by the Sierra Madre Historical Society, offers a vivid account of the early history of Sierra Madre, California. This volume serves as a vital record of the community’s development, drawn from the personal experiences and narratives of those who lived through the events described. This historical compilation focuses on various aspects of Sierra Madre’s past, including its founding, significant local figures, and the establishment of institutions such as churches and schools. The work also delves into the biographies of prominent families and individuals, detailing their contributions to the growth and character of the town.

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The San Antonio Story

“The San Antonio Story” by Sam Woolford, with contributions from his wife Bess Carroll Woolford, is a history of San Antonio, Texas. Published in 1950 by Joske’s of Texas, the book was conceived as a remedy for the lack of historical knowledge among San Antonio’s school children, a concern identified by Herbert U. Rhodius, chairman of the Municipal Advertising Commission of San Antonio in 1948-49. Rhodius and his colleagues believed that a readable and authentic history could address this educational gap, making it suitable supplementary reading for public junior high schools.

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Boggsville, Cradle of the Colorado Cattle Industry

The manuscript “Boggsville, Cradle of the Colorado Cattle Industry” by C. W. Hurd, published by the Boggsville Committee in 1957, serves as an introductory exploration of the rich history of Boggsville, Bent County, and the Arkansas Valley. This work aims to address the frequently asked questions from locals, tourists, and history enthusiasts about the notable individuals and events that shaped the region during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The manuscript provides a glimpse into the lives of pioneers who were instrumental in taming the frontier and establishing the foundations of the Colorado cattle industry. It highlights the significance of Boggsville as a central point in the pioneer narrative of the West, emphasizing the area’s contributions to the development of the cattle industry in America.

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Records of Ingham County Michigan Pioneer Families

These records were typed from manuscript copies of the original records made by George L. Hammell, which were willed to the Michigan State Library by Mr. Hammell of E. Lansing, Mich. who died Sept. 26, 1952. They consist of a variety of typed sources including Bible records, cemetery records, family records, and probate records for early families of Ingham County, Michigan.

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History of Ossining New York

The “Ossining Chamber of Commerce Golden Jubilee, 1901-1951” commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the Village of Ossining, New York, which was celebrated from September 23-29, 1951. This publication, produced by the Ossining Chamber of Commerce, reflects on the rich history and development of the village, the oldest incorporated village in Westchester County, founded in 1813.

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Over the Misty Blue Hills: The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee

“Over the Misty Blue Hills: The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee,” written by Ruth Webb O’Dell and published in 1951, provides a historical account of Cocke County. The book covers various aspects of Cocke County’s history, including its political, social, religious, and industrial developments. The contents are divided into several detailed sections: the political history of Cocke County, the significance of local names, the natural resources and setting, early settlers, religious history, industrial development, and notable figures from the county. Additionally, it delves into specific family histories, offering insights into the lives of many influential families such as the Allens, Burnetts, Huff, McMahan, and many others.

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Elkhart Centennial, 1855-1955

The village of Elkhart City, nestled on the western slope of a long wooded hill in the heart of Illinois, celebrated its centennial anniversary in 1955. This book, “The Village of Elkhart City, Elkhart, Illinois, Centennial History, 1855-1955,” is a comprehensive chronicle of the village’s first hundred years, compiled and written by the Elkhart, Illinois Centennial Book Committee and published by Feldman’s Print Shop in Lincoln, Illinois.

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Early Settlers of Ralls County, Missouri

The manuscript “Early Settlers of Ralls County, Missouri” compiled by Eunice Moore Anderson in 1951 serves as a valuable resource for those tracing their family genealogy in Ralls County. Divided into three parts, the compilation focuses on documenting early settlers prior to 1878, drawing from sources such as county atlases and historical records spanning Marion, Ralls, Pike Counties, and beyond. While not aiming to provide a comprehensive history, Anderson’s work catalogues pioneer families, offering insights into their origins, migration dates to Ralls County, and family connections. This structured approach, supplemented by an alphabetical index, aids researchers in navigating through ancestral records and locating further detailed information within related historical volumes.

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A History of Winlock, Washington

This history of Winlock was written in 1951, at the request of the Winlock Community Development Association. The Community Development came into existence as a result of a 21-week study of our community, under the direction of the Bureau of Community Development of the University of Washington, with Professor Dick Poston as our weekly leader and consultant. This history was made into book form by commercial classes of the Winlock High School under the direction of Mrs. Sylvia Haapala.

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Marriages of Charlotte County Virginia, 1784-1815

This volume, “Marriages of Charlotte County, Virginia, 1784-1815,” compiles the marriage bonds and minister’s returns from Charlotte County during the specified period. The original work was painstakingly copied by Catherine Lindsay Knorr and published in 1951. The book spans 119 pages and includes a wealth of historical data on marriages that took place in this Virginia county. This publication presents several challenges for readers. Some pages are slightly tattered and torn, and the manuscript features irregular pagination. Additionally, there are tight or nonexistent margins, particularly at the bottom of the pages, and one page is typed on different paper than the rest.

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Marriage Records of Sussex County, Virginia, 1754-1810

“Marriage Bonds and Ministers’ Returns of Sussex County, Virginia, 1754-1810” by Catherine Lindsay Knorr is a detailed compilation of marriage records from Sussex County, Virginia, spanning from 1754 to 1810. Published in 1952, this work provides a meticulous account of matrimonial bonds and ministers’ returns, offering valuable insights into the social and legal contexts of the time. Sussex County, established in 1754 from part of Surry County, holds significant historical importance. This book captures the essence of early Sussex County through its comprehensive documentation, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of these crucial historical records for future generations.

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A history of Covington Oklahoma

Fannie L. Eisele’s book, “A History of Covington, Garfield County, Oklahoma, and Surrounding Territory,” is a folksy chronicle of the pioneering era in southeastern Garfield County following the opening of the Cherokee Strip. Published in 1952 by Newel A. Ellis, this 214-page volume documents the transformation of untamed prairie claims into flourishing farms and the lives of the settlers who cultivated the land. Growing up just west of what is now the town of Covington, Eisele’s personal history and connection to the land add depth to her account. Her work not only chronicles the development of Covington but also aims to include the surrounding townships of Wood, Otter, Reed, and Marshall, each contributing to the broader history of the Cherokee Strip and Oklahoma.

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