Biography of Guy A. Benson

Among the younger representatives of the Racine bar whose professional course has been marked by substantial and consecutive progress is numbered Guy A. Benson, who was graduated from the law department of the State University in 1909. He has been a lifelong resident of this state, his birth having occurred in Iola, Wisconsin, May 31, 1885. his parents being Ole and Andrea (Olson) Benson, both of whom were natives of Norway. The paternal grandfather, Bendt Hanson, brought his family to the United States in 1864, establishing his home upon a farm at Iola, Wisconsin, where he reared his family. The maternal grandfather, Hans Olson, arrived at Iola in 1849, becoming one of the pioneer residents of that section of the state. The work of progress and improvement had scarcely been begun in that locality and he entered land from the government, taking up the arduous task of developing a new farm. It was in that locality that his daughter, Andrea, gave her hand in marriage to Ole Benson, and there they resided for a considerable period. Both have now passed away.

Guy A. Benson attended the public and high schools of Iola and spent his last year in high school work in Racine, where he was graduated with the class of 1904. Ambitious to lay the foundation for his business success in a liberal education, he afterward spent two years in pursuing a literary course in the State University at Madison and then entered the law department, from which he was graduated with the class of 1909. Returning to Racine, he here opened an office and has since successfully followed his profession, his ability being manifest in the many favorable verdicts which he has won for his clients. The strength of his argument is based upon thorough preparation and comprehensive knowledge of the law, his deductions are logical, his reasoning clear and as the years pass he is making steady progress along professional lines. Since 1910 he has occupied the position of circuit court commissioner and he is also one of the local civil service examiners. In various connections he has been called upon for public service, which he has ever rendered cheerfully and ably. Since 1912 he has occupied a position on the Racine library board and for three years he has been a member of the Racine County board of review of income assessments, in which connection he is now serving as president. He is also a member of the board of education and thus his aid is given in many ways to upholding the stability and best interests of the County and promoting its substantial improvement and progress. In politics he is a progressive republican. He believes in that steady advancement that is the direct result of recognition of opportunity on the part of broad-minded, public-spirited men. Fraternally Mr. Benson is connected with the Knights of Pythias and he also belongs to the Order of Coif, an honorary law fraternity, and to the Phi Alpha Delta. Mr. Benson is also a member of the Young Men’s Christian Association and of the Commercial Club and his influence is on the side of all those well defined, practical and progressive plans which are instituted for the benefit of the material, intellectual, social, political and moral progress of the community.



Racine County WI,

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