Biography of Arthur Ehrlich

Arthur Ehrlich, whose prominence in real estate circles is indicated by the fact that he is now serving for the second term as president of the Racine real estate board. came to this city in 1895 and a decade later turned his attention to the real estate business, in which connection he has contributed much to the substantial expansion, improvement and upbuilding of the city. He was born in the province of Pomerania, Prussia, July 24, 1867, and attended a military school of that country. He was a youth of nineteen years when he crossed the Atlantic to America in 1886, after which he spent a few years in Rhode Island. There he engaged in the life insurance business and in 1895 he came to Racine as local representative of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, continuing in that field for fifteen years, during which period he wrote a large amount of insurance, establishing a business which proved both profitable to the company and to himself. In 1906 he entered the field of real estate and in the intervening period has been most active along that line. He has opened up various additions to the city, has built up the entire west side of Racine, and has also operated extensively on the north and south sides. He has laid out over five hundred acres on the west side and has sold more lots than all other real estate dealers in that district combined. He is regarded as a most accurate valuator of property, and there is no real estate on the market with which he is not familiar. He displays notable prescience in making investment and his keen sagacity and enterprise are bringing to him most gratifying and substantial success. His activities have largely set the standard for work in the real estate field of Racine, and that he occupies a prominent position among his colleagues and contemporaries in this line is indicated by the fact that he has been honored for the second term with election to the presidency of the city real estate board. He is also vice president, of the Wisconsin Association of Real Estate Brokers and is a member of the National Real Estate Association.

On the 2d of June, 1911, Mr. Ehrlich was married to Mrs. Nellie (Wagner) Shaughnessy of Racine, who was born, however, in Detroit. By her first marriage she had two children: William and Kamma, both high school students. To Mr. and Mrs. Ehrlich have been born two children, Arthur and Kingston Wareb. The middle name of the second child was formed by taking the initials of the ‘Wisconsin Association Real Estate Brokers, for he was born on the evening of its state convention, held at Racine. and the members of the association set aside a sum of money to be given him on his twenty-first birthday. The little fellow is now two years of age. The family attends the Methodist Episcopal and the Christian Science churches. Mr. Ehrlich gives his political allegiance to the Republican Party and is thoroughly conversant with the questions and issues of the day but does not seek nor desire public office. In the past few years he has been called upon to lead practically all of the parades held in Racine. He is splendidly qualified therefore, owing to the extensive military training which he received in Germany and his training as a member of the National Guard of Rhode Island, to which he belonged. He is a member of the Royal Arcanum. He has been a member of the Knights of Pythias fraternity for the past seventeen years and is a staff officer of the Uniform Rank. His is a soldierly bearing and he seems born to command, having the ability to secure notable coordinated effort from those under his direction. He also marshals his forces in business life with a military precision that results in success, making each effort count for the utmost in the attainment of the result desired.



Racine County WI,

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