Biography of Adelbert H. Allen

At the time of his death Adelbert H. Allen was proprietor of the largest livery business in Racine and his very substantial measure of success had been won entirely through his own efforts and ability. A native of the Empire state, he was born in the town of Mexico, Oswego County, March 22. 1850, and was of English and Scotch descent. His father, Hiram C. Allen, was a native of Connecticut, as was the mother, who bore the maiden name of Lorinda Olivia Erskine, although her father, John Erskine, was a native of Scotland. Following his marriage Mr. Allen took up the occupation of farming in Oswego County. New York, where he resided for a number of years, successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits, but in his younger days he was a stage driver of Vermont following the route between Brattleboro and Wilmington. In 1853 he sought the opportunities offered in the west and became a resident of Racine County, Wisconsin, casting in his lot with its pioneer settlers. A short distance west of the city he secured land and began the development of a farm whereon he reared his family and made his home until called to his final rest, on the 8th of December, 1879, his remains being interred in Mound cemetery. His widow survived him for several years and passed away in June, 1888. Fraternally he was connected with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and his religious faith was that of the Episcopal Church.

His son, Adelbert H. Allen, acquired a common school education and made his initial step in the business world in connection with the machinist’s trade, securing a position in the shop of the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company, in which he was employed for twenty-two years, working his way steadily upward during that connection. He resigned his position in 1889 but had previously embarked in his present business, having at first but one horse which he bought on time, his capital being insufficient to enable him to pay for the animal all at once. Gradually, however, he developed and increased his business until at the time of his death he was the owner of one of the largest and best equipped livery barns in this part of Wisconsin and a liberal and gratifying patronage was accorded him.

On Christmas Day of 1873 was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Allen and Miss Susie Rumsam, a daughter of F. W. Rumsam. They continued to travel life’s journey happily together until separated by the hand of death on the 9th of November, 1915. Mrs. Allen, with the assistance of her son, Clarence R., has since managed the business along the same lines as were marked out by her husband. Five children were born to that worthy couple: Charles A., Frank L., George E., William Hiram and Clarence R. The last named was born in Racine, November 13, 1894, and was graduated from the Racine high school with the class of 1913. The following year he was married to Miss Laura Brunson and they have many warm friends in the city where they reside. Mr. Allen is also widely and favorably known as a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, his social as well as his business qualities endeared Adelbert H. Allen to those with whom he came in contact and his life was the result of carefully applied industry, honorable purpose and high ideals.

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  1. Sharon Allen Martinoff

    Hiram C. Allen and Adelbert H. Allen were my many times great grandfathers. I have never met anybody from the Allen side of my family as my father, Robert Allen, was disowned at birth due to his father, Ralph Allen, being married to a different woman at the time of my fathers birth. Ralph denied my father but, alas, DNA has proven that Ralph was in fact my grandfather.

    If you are from this family, I would much enjoy chatting with you as I know only what I can find on the internet.

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