Biographical Sketch of J. M. Jones

J. M. Jones, president, treasurer and general manager of the Racine Tool & Machine Company, is a native of Indiana and his public school education was supplemented by study in Western College at Toledo, Iowa. When a young man he taught school and afterward turned his attention to general merchandising near Rock Island, Illinois, while subsequently he became connected with the wholesale shoe business in Chicago. He afterward engaged in the banking business in Chicago and in 1900 came to Racine but went back and forth from Chicago each day. In December, 1910, he purchased the business which is now conducted under the name of the Racine Tool & Machine Company, of which he is the president, treasurer and general manager. This company has continuously engaged in the manufacture of high speed metal cutting machines and its product today is the most efficient in this work that has thus far been produced in the world, as is shown in the fact that their machines cut with greater accuracy and speed and therefore in less time and with less expense than any other machines.

Mr. Jones’ family consists of a wife and one daughter. He is a member of the Christian Science church and in politics is a republican. All outside interests, however, are made subservient to the main object of his life-the upbuilding of the enterprise with which he is now connected. It is not the mere attainment of success which actuates him, but a desire to reach the greatest possible measure of perfection in the work which he has undertaken, to go beyond what others have accomplished and give to the world something of actual worth and value.



Racine County WI,

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