Rader, Margaret Chance – Obituary

On Sunday Oct. 26th the gentle spirit of Margaret Rader passed to the land where pain is not, neither sorrow nor death, age 73. She was the mother of ten children, seven of whom are still living, two sons in the Methow Valley, one of whom had just been down to see her, one daughter in California. Her husband died about two years ago and from that day on never saw a well day. After his death, she made her home with Mrs. Rose Huss, but when able she visited around a week or two with each of her children in this valley.

During her last illness she was confined to her bed two months. Before the end came, she called her children to her bed and told them not to weep for her; that she was going home to die no more. She sang part of a verse of “Jesus Lover of My Soul;” just as the breath was leaving her she reached up her hand and said: “come and get me.” I shall always believe she saw father. It is so hard to say “mother is dead,” but we sorrow not as those who have no hope.

When our earthly life is ended and our earthly missions done, we shall go across the river at the setting off the sun and in God’s celestial mansion, clothed in garments strangely fair, we shall meet those gone before us, we shall know them though the angel robes they wear, when they bid us welcome over we shall know each other there.

Ellensburg Dawn, November 11, 1902
Contributed by: Shelli Steedman

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White, Judy Wallis. Kittitas County, Washington Obituaries. Published by AccessGenealogy.com. Copyright 1999-2013, all rights reserved.

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