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Al Grunden, 41, dies after fall her Tuesday; Topples from Top of Tank in County Jail; Sheriff Ballard Spectator.

Al Grunden, an Ellensburg boy, died in the Ellensburg General Hospital Tuesday afternoon a couple of hours after he was the victim of an unusual accident in the Kittitas County Jail.

Grunden had just been committed a few hours previous to serve out a $12.50 fine and costs imposed by Police Judge Chester Thomas for intoxication and to pay for two previous suspended sentences.

The accident occurred in full view of Sheriff Wayne Ballard who was standing in the door of the jail talking to another prisoner. Grunden suffered a basal skull fracture, was rushed to the hospital where he died an hour later.

Sheriff Ballard said that Grunden was playing solitaire on top of the jail tank and rose to his feet, gave sharp cry and toppled over backwards. His head struck iron pipes along the north wall, fracturing his skull. Ballard is of the opinion that he lost his balance when he stood up or because of his highly nervous condition became dizzy. He was jittery when booked in the morning and had been warned by Deputy John Price to stay off the top of the tank.

Coroner Phil Davidson was at the sheriff’s office at the time of the accident and made an immediate investigation. He said no autopsy would be necessary.

Funeral services are being held this afternoon from the Honeycutt Parlors with burial in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Al was the son of Elof Grunden and Selma Jacobsen. He was born March 1899 and died March 19, 1940.

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White, Judy Wallis. Kittitas County, Washington Obituaries. Published by Copyright 1999-2013, all rights reserved.

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