Genealogy of the Switzers

This manuscript is an eclectic collection of various Switzer lines that all connect back to Valentine Switzer, the original immigrant to America in 1749. The surnames that follow are those surnames which can be found within the manuscript:

Allen, Backus, Becker, Beckey, Berry, Bing, Bird, Blake, Brewer; Bumgardner, Burkholder, Canaday, Chapelle, Cherrington, Coffman, Copeland, Davis, Day, Dillon, Donaldson, Eppel, Fisher, Fulton, Gilfillen, Griffy, Guthrie, Hamlin, Haner, Hawk, Henderson, Herriman, Hesse, Hicks, Hinkle, Hodge, Hollingshead, Hoober, Hotzenbella, Hutsinpillar, Huver, Ingels, Jones, Kerns, Leonard, Livesay, Lott, Maddy, Mahood, Mauck, Morton, Parrill, Poher, Preston, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhey, Rhyne, Rodgers, Rood, Rothgeb, Schweitzer, Scott, Secrist, Seigler, Shaffer, Sherritt, Snyder, Southall, Stroup, Switzer, Taylor, Wallace, Watson, Wood, Yeager.

  • Letter
  • The Switzers in Virginia
  • How Various Tribes Were Blended Together to Form the Swiss Nation*
  • Historical Statement
  • Probated Will of Stephen Hotzenbella
  • Probated Will of Valentine Switzer
  • Remarks
  • Switzer Genealogy
  • Berry in Cottonwood Township
  • Switzers of Indiana

Historical Statement

“A History of the Valley of Virginia,” (Fourth edition, page 181 by Samuel Kercheval.)

Having referred to the month of October and the year 1787, the au­thority above named gives this statement:

“The same year and month, the town of Watson, (commonly called Ca­pon Springs), in the County of Hampshire, was established. Twenty acres of land to be laid off in lots and streets. Elias Poston, Henry Fry, Isaac Hawk, Jacob Hoover, John Winterton, Valentine Swisher, * Rudolph Bumgardner, Paul Mclvor, * * John Sherman Woodcock and Isaac Zane, Gentlemen Trustees.”

(Copied by W. F. Switzer.)
*Swisher should be Switzer. (Schweitzer.)
**McIvor is correct; this was afterwards written McKeever.

The foregoing data was obtained in September 1938, from Frank C. Switzer of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Frank C. Switzer is a great, great-grand­son of Nicholas Switzer, (immigrant), who came to America in 1761; and one of the three brothers heretofore mentioned. Much of the foregoing correspond­ence, documents and information had been collected by Mrs. Cornelia Switzer Burkholder, an aunt of Frank C. Switzer and ‘a great granddaughter of Nicholas Switzer, immigrant. (Robert Mauck Switzer, Gallipolis, Ohio.)

Historical Society Letter

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, Pa.Philadelphia, December 26, 1912

Mrs. Cornelia Switzer Burkholder,
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Dear Madam:

In response to your request I note the following names in The Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume XVII.
Valentine Schweitzer, ship Lydia, Capt. John Randolph, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 13, 1749 (P.304).
Johannes Schweitzer, Ship Patience, Capt. Hugh Steel, from Rotterdam, Qualified Sept. 17, 1753. (P. 387)
Johannes Schweitzer, same as above. (P. 454).
Nicholas Schweitzer, Ship Snow Squirrel, John Benn, Master, from Rotterdam; last from Portsmouth. Qualified Oct. 21, 1761. (P. 454).

Trusting this will be satisfactory, I am,

Faithfully yours,
Ernest Spofford, Assistant Librarian



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