Bristol Vermont – Ecclesiastical

The Bristol Baptist Church was organized by Elder Joseph Call, in 1794, with nine members. Rev. Thomas Tuttle was the first settled minister. The church building, erected in 1794, will seat two hundred and fifty persons, and is valued at $4,900, including grounds. The society now has one hundred and two members, with Rev. P. B. Strong, pastor, who was installed August 1, 1885. The present officers of the society are Daniel W. Durfee, Octavius Cushman and William Miller, prudential committee; J. J. Dumas and A. J. Averill, deacons; and Wallace Rider, treasurer.

The Congregational Church was organized July 8, 1805, by Rev. J. Bushnell, of Cornwall, who at an early day occasionally preached here. David Ingraham, first deacon, continued to officiate until he removed from town in 1815. They had no stated preaching for several years, nor house of worship till 1819, when they built a house in connection with the Baptists and Universalists, each denomination to occupy in proportion to the amount paid for its erection. They occupied their share until 1837, when they built the present Congregational Church. Rev. Calvin Butler, ordained February 10, 1842, was the first settled minister, the society at that time having sixty-seven members. The church now has no regular pastor, and the building is leased to the Adventists.

The Methodist Church of Bristol Village was organized in 1813, services being held at the residence of Ebenezer Saxton. Rev. Stephen Scovenberger preached the first Methodist sermon in Bristol. Services were held in barns and private houses until 1819, when a chapel was built which did service until 1840, when the present church was erected, and is now valued at about $3,000. The society has ninety-five members, with Rev. A. H. Nash, pastor, installed May 1, 1885. The stewards of the society, who are by law of the State ex-officio trustees, are F. Landon, C. W. Smith, F. I. Ward, E. Vilmore, S. B. Searles, B. W. Pollard, F. S. Thompson, A. Ferguson and J. T. Tucker.

The Advent Christian Church held services as early as 1840, a portion of the time in Academy Hall. The society is now organized with nineteen members, holding services in the Congregational Church, which they have leased for a term of years. Rev. Hiland Quimby, the first pastor, was succeeded by the present incumbent, Rev. S. P. Hayward, in 1885. The officers of the society are William Howden and Samuel Stewart, deacons.

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