Biographical Sketch of Josiah Newton Stagg

Stagg, Josiah Newton, Panton, was born in Panton, Vt., in 1833. He was married in 1856 to Harriet L. Grandey, of Panton, Vt. They have had a family of four children born to them — Helen M., Elbert L., Charles G., and Cora Belle. Josiah was a son of Elijah G. and Julia A. (Kingman) Stagg. Elijah was born in 1811, and died in 1880. They were married in January, 1832. They had one son born to them — Josiah. Elijah G. Stagg was a general farmer, and was also a justice of the peace of his town. He was a son of Josiah and Rhoda Stagg. Josiah was born on February 4, 1774, and Rhoda was born on October 30, 1785; they were married on September 11, 1806. They had a family of nine children born to them; three daughters are now living. Julia Kingman was a daughter of Mitchell and Sarah (Crane) Kingman. Mitchell was born in Connecticut in 1778, and died on September 6, 1863. Sarah was born in New Jersey on June 28, 1786. and died in 1862. Mitchell Kingman was in the War of 1812, and settled here about 1800. His wife, Sarah, settled in Bridport, Vt., with her parents, Jesse and Mary Crane, about 1800.



Addison County VT,

Smith, H. P. History of Addison County Vermont: With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men And Pioneers. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & co., 1886.

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