Biographical Sketch of Joseph Colby

Colby, Joseph (deceased), Lincoln, from whom descends a numerous family, was born in Ware, N. H., on August 14, 1787. He settled in South Lincoln, Vt., in 1827, on the present home of Henry Clay, taking up about 150 acres. His wife was Lydia Gove, who was born in March, 1786; she was a daughter of Stephen Gove. Joseph Colby had a family of nine children born to him — Rodney G. (born on December 21, 1808, and died on March 6, 1855), Fannie (born on September 11, 1810, now Mrs. Simeon Palmer, of Lincoln, Vt.), Page (born on July 5, 1812; is now a resident of Bristol, Vt.), Abigail (born on June 21, 1816, now Mrs. Nelson Chase, of Lincoln, Vt.), Stephen G. (born on July 31, 1814, of Lincoln, Vt.), Louise (deceased; was born on May 12, 1818; married Esquire Gove), Mary A. (born on August 7, 1826; died on February 15, 1828), Edmund G. (born on January 24, 1822), Lydia A. (now Mrs. Stephen Colby; was born on April 6, 1824), Moses G. (born on August 24, 1827, died on April 30, 1828), Milo (born on March 13, 1829, died on March 22, 1859). Mr. Joseph Colby died on October 10, 1855, and his wife, Lydia, died on June 10, 1862. Their son Edward G., one of the prominent farmers of Lincoln, Vt., married Hannah Farr, a daughter of Jesse B. and Hannah Farr, of Bristol, Vt. She was born on September 28, 1831. Their children are Harvey C., Alson B., Emma (now Mrs. Louis Bain), Addie E., one infant who died at an early age, and Julia B., now at home.



Addison County VT,

Smith, H. P. History of Addison County Vermont: With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men And Pioneers. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & co., 1886.

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