Biographical Sketch of John Birkett

Birkett, John, Ferrisburgh, was born in Ferrisburgh, Vt., on March 12, 1823. He now owns and occupies the old homestead settlement, and also a large addition, owning in all about 400 acres He represented his town in 1876 and 1877, was a justice of the peace, and held other offices in his town. He was married in 1861 to Alvira C. Parker, who was born in Underhill, Vt., in 1838, and is a daughter of Reuben and Susan Ann (Rogers) Parker. They have had four children born to them: Martha (born November 23, 1862); Elmer P. (born March 4, 1864); Elva S. (born October 2, 1870); and Elsie M. (born February 1, 1874). John Birkett was a son of Joseph and Martha (Beers) Birkett. Martha was a daughter of Daniel Beers, of Starksboro, Vt., and was born in 1796. She died in 1881. Joseph was born in 1780 and died in 1854. They had a family of three sons and two daughters. Joseph settled in Ferrisburgh, Vt., about 1795, coming with his mother and her six children from England, via New York. His father died in England. Joseph had a family of five children — Walter, Amanda John, Martha, and Joseph. Joseph’s three brothers, who came from England and settled here, were Joseph, Walter, and Thomas. Two of his sisters also settled in this same county.

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