Biographical Sketch of Andrus, E. P.

Fort Bend County, District Clerk

Edgar P. Andrus was born in Richmond, Fort Bend County October the 34th, 1858. His father, Walter Andrus, was also born in Fort Bend: County in 1830, on the east side of the Brazos River, about four miles from Richmond. The grandfather, Williams Andrus, came with the first installment of Austin’s colonists, and his league and labor of land, was located on both sides of the Brazos, the league on the east and the labor on the west, in the bend.

When the Mexican army came in 1836, the Andrus family were living on the Benard, eighteen miles from the Brazos, and in their flight went to San Felipe, where Captain Hosly Baker and his men were guarding the river, and crossing there, went on with the fleeing families, and came back, with others of the colonists, to their homes, after the battle of San Jacinto.

William Andrus died in 1842, and Walter Andrus in 1897. They were farmers and stock raisers, except the father of E. P., who was a lawyer, abstracter and real estate agent. The mother of District Clerk Andrus was the eldest daughter of Martin McMahan, and the grandmother was Lucinda Travers, on the mother’s side. She was born in Florida, but came to Texas from Georgia at a very early day. The mother of Mr. Andrus was also born in Fort Bend County, in the town of Richmond. Her father died on “Big Creek,” eight miles from Richmond, southwest course.

E. P. Andrus married Mary V. Sweeny daughter of Jordon Sweeney, of Brazoria, an old colonist settler, Mr. Sweeny being a, veteran of San Jacinto. The fancily of Mr. Andrus consists of wife and one child, Beulah Mary. Is now in the second year of his first term of office.



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