Muster Roll of Captain John Stuarts Company

A Muster Roll of Captain John Stuarts Compy
beginning July 15, 1756 & Ending March 25, 1757 both days



Men’s Names





Sum’s due


John Gotsen, Serj.

July 16March 17813£20

£168. 13.4

Mich. Brannon, Serj

John Roberts, Corp.16815126.10
John Miller, Corp. 2782 121.
Archibald Watson, Drum 2485122.10
Laurance Masterson16813126.10
Milcher Locker17March 17 84 122.
James Road17812126.
Joseph Vert17812126.
Thomas Mills17812 126.
Jacob Glaughenberg17812126.
James Murphy20Dec. 2751180.10
John Purcell2089124.10
George Spencer202412.
?Ryan Roark2188124.
Henry Maxwell2188124.
Dan McCloughlan21Aug. 19115.
John Harris21211316.10
Andrew Hogstatter2287123.10
Roger Cannon24Febry 12624102.
Barth Smith24761999.10
Edward Monnahan2584122.
Mich. McInfach2683121.10
Thomas Kelly2683121.10
John Wood27Dec. 761798.10
Mich Miller2683121.10
John Bower2683121.10
Mich. Calfield2782121.
Jacob Rough2782121.
John Butler2089124.10
Gosper Dickenson2782121.
Thomas Coyle2584122.
Will Lewing25Sept. 1612326.10
John Shults2584122.
Stephen Terry2584122.
Archib. Wattson Sr2683121.10
George Moon2683121.10
James Moon2683121.10
Joseph Del____26183121.10
Vick Campbell2782121.
Dan. Foot27Sept. 1612125.10
Henry Dolh2881120.10
Robert Jones288120.10
Will MartinJuly 29815120.
Edward Broody2881120.10
Mich. Sheklin2485122.10
Thomas Haley298120.
George HefserAug. 1727118.10
Thomas Abrahood1727118.10
Henry Tinuller1727118.10
Martin Herter1727118.10
George Swaggert3725117.10
Andrew Rumney4724117.
Joseph Dinigham4724117.
Will Durgan4Octob. 3022844.
Henry Christie4Dece. 2742673.
Jacob Piggly6722116.
William Campbell6722116.


Dennis Agan4Febry. 46592.10
Perrigrine Murfsky7721115.10
Thomas Thetter14714112.
Adam Theller2078109.
Tobias Holmes2177108.10
Dan. McClouklanOcto. 235477.
Thomas Foster195879.
James FrasierFebry. 711723.10
John Roberts, Serj.Mar. 188205.6.8

John Stuart Captain

James Adamfon Lieut


Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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