McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book C

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2 28 Feb 1820 Nancy Starr to John Bean of Cherokee Nation: Bill of Sale for slave.

3 Sep 1833 Anthony and Nancy Davis, Adms. Of Wm. Davis dec’d to Wm. Davis of Logan Co., Ky; Bill of Sale for slave.

3 7 Nov 1833 Gilbert Cruse to William M. Herron; Deed of Trust; his interest in estate of Benjamin Riddle dec’d which descended to him by his wife Frances Riddle.

7 2 Dec 1833 Benjamin Paden of Arnoha District in Cherokee nation to Jeremiah Horn; Deed of Trust

8 24 Jan 1834 John Cobbs to Solomon Bogart for use of firm of S. Bogart and Co.; Deed of Trust; a new wagon made and finished by Isaac Crow and James Bowers of Athens together with harness and four horses, one with eye out and one bay horse, blind.

9 24 Dec 1832 james W. Jenkins of Sevier Co. to Elizabeth Wolff.

17 24 Nov 1833 Z. Jayne to Thomas A. Anderson; Deed of Trust for use of James Campbell of Knoxville, Jesse Kerr of Blount Co., James H. Ragan Adm. Of Irby Holtdec’d personal property including 700 copies of Appendix to the Practical monitor, 700 copies of Appendix to Females Guide to Health.

22 1 Sept 1833 Wm. Davis of Logan Co., Kyu. To Samuel Blackburn; Bill of Sale for slave.

23 22 Sept 1831 James Clowr to Samuel Edman of Thea Co.

24 6 Feb 1834 Abner Casey to Thomas Bottom of Rhea Co.: land in McMinn and Rhea Counties where Bottom now resides.

37 17 Feb 1834 William Wrtight to son Alfred Wright; personal property.

45 17 Jan 1832 William and Jesse bean to Moses Long.

51 13 Apr 1831 John Walker Sr. to John Hardwick, both of Cherokee Nation; lots in Calhoun.

54 5 Mar 1833 Jeremiah Fields and wife Patsey to Matthew Davis; Bill of Sale for slave.

55 20 Sept 1833 Nathaniel Smith of Athens to Mathew Davis of Roane Co.

56 6 Feb 1834 Thomas M. Roberts to George Roberts a free man of color; Deed of Gift for two persons of color, Richard and Zelpha children of said George; Thomas is owner by descent from his mother Elizabeth Roberts dec’d.

59 3 Mar 1834 William Triplett to Joel Triplett.

62 5 Nov 1833 John Dickerson to Scot Powell of Rhea Co.

63 12 Aug 1833 Christopher Huffaker to Elizabeth, james L., Sary J., Samuel L., and Joseph Gilbreath; for sum paid by Thomas Gilbreath for their benefit.

64 3 Mar 1834 David Harkrider to John Harkrider.

65 5 Mar 1834 mary Sr., Joseph W., William and Mary McMillin Jr., Joseph Billingsly and wife Nancy late McMillin, Charles Cate and wife Narcissa late McMillin, heirs of David McMillin dec’d, to Benjamin Maxfield.

68 4 Jan 1834 John Burk Sr. to John Burk Jr.; Mortgage

76 15 mar 1834 john McCamish to daughter Polly Ann McCamish; Deed of Gift for personal property.

83 7 Oct 1833 Henry and George Burch and Elizabeth Burch now Elizabeth Davis, heirs of William Burch dec’d Power of Atty. To Aaron Davis to sell land in Claiborne Co.

83 7 Oct 1833 Thomas A. Anderson to Joseph Anderson of Washington, D.C.; 12 1?2 acres beginning at a spring on the bank of Eastanallee Creek commonly called Rudd’s Spring.

94 2 Dec 1833 Thomas Divine Sr. to Alfred Devine son of James Devine, for good will, two sows and their increase; to William Devine son of James Devine, a bay mare.

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99 21 Apr 1834 21 Apr 1834 John B. Hood to Solomon Bogart & Co., Deed of Trust for personal property and everything pertaining to the printing office, also the East end of Lot 41 in Athens where the printing office stands; Bogart has engaged to haul a load for said Hood to Cassville in the Georgia part of the Cherokee Nation at a price of $2 a day while the team is performing the trip there and back, the said Hood feeding the team and driver while engaged.

101 1 May 1832 Thomas Hodges to Anderson Hodges.

149 15 Jan 1834 Silas Witt to Sally Witt; dividing line between Polly Witt’s land; Attest: Joseph Witt, Silas Witt Jr.

150 28 May 1834 William P. Reid, Deed of Trst for use of David Shields of Grainger Co and David Chewell of Greene Co: Reid owes Shields for paper and Chewell for binding and delivering to Athens 1550 copies of Pearson’s Analysis.

157 7 June 1824 Henry Bradford to son Patten A. Bradford: Deed of Gift for slaves.

160 27 Nov 1833 Lewis and Abraham Riddle to Tidence Lane” their 26 part of land whereon Gilbert Cruse now lives and the same devised to them by their father Benjamin Riddle.

171 31 May 1834 Commissioners of Town of Athens to Sarah, Isaac, Aron B., Sarah, Joseph , Abraham, Jesse and Naomi Brown, heirs of Jonathan Brown dec’d; lot no. 47

182 21 Dec 1832 William C. Adams of McCoupin Co., Ill. By his atty. In fact John J. Adams to John Harkrider.

185 2 Jan 1832 martin Wiseman to Wesley Campbell of Blount Co.

186 31 May 1834 Samuel Patterson to Trustees of the poor house.

192 24 Apr 1832 Joseph Callaway of Monroe Co. to Commissioners of Athens: 4 acres, $250

193 1 May 1832 John Ballard of Claiborne Co. to John Courtney.

201 15 Oct 1833 John Courtney to John M. Courtney.

202 19 June 1833 Mathew and Stephen Kelly to Samuel M. Gantt: part of land donated by Legislature for town of Athens and conveyed by Commissioners of said town to Mathew Kelly, adjoining land laid out by said Commissioners for use of religious Societies.

208 7 June 1831 Noah Jarnagin of Granger Co. Caswell Jarnagin.

213 4 Dec 1833 Robert H. Jordan and wife, Emily late Emily Holt, one of Children of Irby Holt dec’d to Tidence C. Lane.

219 10 Aug 1834 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to Alexander Sowell of Knox Co., agent for John Sowell.

228 18 Sept 1828 Tituroy McCoy of Greenville District, S.C. to John Lankford.

241 16 Sept 1834 Julius W. Blackwell to George C. Graves of Knoxville: his household furniture (listed).

242 12 Jul 1834 William W. Berry of Hardeman Co. to John S. Burnett of Calhoun.

243 10 Sep 1833 Mary Bradford to james F. Bradford: $1000., the quarter section on which she now lives.

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244 28 May 1834 John Walker Sr. of Cherokee Nation to Archibald R. Turk: lot in Calhoun was sold to Joseph Shinpock who did not pay and left the country 8 or 10 years ago.

256 30 Nov 1831 William Ward of Tazewell Co., Va. To Minerva, Stephen, Rachel, William and John Thompson, children and heirs of Alexander B. Thompson of McMinn Co.; Bill of Sale for three slaves.

260 25 Nov 1831 William Cansler to Lewis Brewer of Va.

263 3 Dec 1831 Jon W. Bower to John Bower

268 24 Oct 1834 Article of Agreement between Edward Ellems (Elms) for himself and in rigt of his wife Polly and of his ward Nathaniel H. Cansler Jr. of White Co. and Lemuel Chapman in right of his wife Patsey and John Cansler and William Cansler Jr.; Bill in Circuit Court; right of the Elms and Chapmans in the land where Nathaniel H. Cansler dec’d lived.

279 28 Oct 1834 George Bowman to John Westwood, John Tunnell, and Christopher Hale, “Trustees appointed in Bowman’s Society of the Methodist E. Church”; Title Bond for ¾ acre lying in the forks of the Columbus and Chestua Valley Roads, for purpose of erecting a meeting house.

299 18 Dec 1834 Asbury M. Coffey to Nathaniel Smith and A.P> Fore: his right, granted by Act of Assembly 19 Nov 1833, to open and construct a Turn Pike Road from a certain point on the Hiwassee River to the State line in the Direction of the County Seat of Lumpkin Co, GA.

311 27 Sep 1834 Elizabeth Smith Lipscomb to James Glasgow Williams for use of her daughter-in-law Nancy Martha wife of her son Dr. E.P.Kupscomb.

323 26 Jan 1835 Silan and James Perry to Joshua Morgan: $500; their interest in Copyright of Gunn’s Domestic Medicine for 36 counties in Indiana including the county in which Indianapolis is located

329 28 Jan 1835 William Dodson, one of sons of Jesse Dodson Sr. and Ruth his wife now deceased of McMinn Co., to Robert Renfro; his interest in estate.

333 28 Jan 1835 James Bowers of Roane Co to Ephraim Sawtell; Lot No. 120 in Athens.

364 16 Feb 1835 Moses McSpadden of Monroe Co. to Andrew Lawson.

365 17 Jan 1835 john and Elijah Mizer to William B. Porter.

366 21 Feb 1835 Elizabeth Smith Lipscomb to John F. Lide for use of her daughter Caroline Lide Smith wife of Dr. Milo Smith now of St. Clair Co., Ala.; Bill of Sale for slave.

367 24 Feb 1835 John Mizer to Michael mizer.

368 14 Feb 1835 Adam Pitner to Archibald R. Turk and Benjamin Hambright; privaledge of free use of firewood upon his land adjoining the Reservation of Lewis Ross called Walker’s Reservation, on which said Pitner now lives.

369 15 Dec 1834 nathan Hicks of Cherokee Nation to Archibald R. Turk and Gavan R. Hambright, merchants: Bill of Sale for slave.

370 13 Dec 1834 Thomas Sherman to Allen G. Goss; Deed of Gift of slave; for love and for better maintenance of said Goss.

371 17 Mar 1835 Jessie Elliott to John F. and Jonathan Kelly, monor sons of John Kelly, for natural love and affection.

372 2 Mar 1835 Commissioners of Athens to William Brazelton of Jefferson Co., lots 84 & 85

378 5 Jul 1834 Hamilton Stewart to United Baptist Church at Short Creek near Benjamin Newton’s, 1 ½ acres; for his regard for Church Society.

379 30 March 1835 Benjamin and James Hawkins to Archibald R. Turk.


387 20 May 1835 Hiram Brandon to Austin Fry of Monroe Co; land bequeathed to him by his father John Brandon.

391 25 Jan 1831 William McKamy of Anderson Co. to Solomon Bogart; half of section granted 1824 to William and James McKamy.

392 26 Jan 1835 William C. McKamey surviving Adm. Of James McKamey dec’d to Solomon bogart; Bill filed 1829 in McMinn County Circuit Court against John McEwin McKamy, Minerva McKamey and Isabella McKamy heirs of said James McKamey dec’d and against William S. McEwen, William F. Mason and wife Eliza late Eliza McKewen, John C. McKewen, Robert N. McEwen, Mathew P. McEwen, and Margaret McEwen, heirs of Johyn McEwen dec’d; James McEwen was the dec’d partner.

398 28 May 1835 Thomas A. Anderson of Roane Co. to Ezekiel Ellis.

402 3 Apr 1835 John S. Burnette to James W. McSpadden of Washington Co., VA; Lot No. 61 in Calhoun where Burnette now lives.

403 3 June 1835 Franklin Hail to Sarah Hudson.

412 4 Dec 1837 Reuben White to John McAllen of McMinn Co.

417 21 Nov 1834 William Haymes Sr. to Caleb Haymes.

418 5 Jan 1835 Hezekiah P. Sanfod and Amy Dunn to James Chesnutt.

422 15 Mar 1830 Andrew Williams of Smith Co. to Allen Blevins.

425 14 Jul 1834 Abraham Cox surviving parner of Thomas Cox dec’d of Thea Co to Hamilton Stewart.

429 11 Dec 1834 Walter Billingsly Jr. of Ala. to Benjamin Wasson.

430 13 Aug 1831 Sarah Beal and Catharine Davidson to James Small.

436 3 Sep 1835 William W. Anderson of Athens to D & M Shields & Co., mfgs of paper in Knox and Grainger Counties.

440 29 Aug 1835 Thomas Meyers to well beloved son Gideon Myers, Freedom Gift, for love and affection; sets him at liberty to act and do for himself and Thomas will not be accountable for any of Gideon’s acts and deeds.

444 22 Sep 1835 Oswell Phillips to Francis P. Pettitt of Monroe Co.

447 12 Dec 1835 Henry Bradford to James F. Bradford.

448 “We, George W. Mayo Register of McMinn County and Lon Blizard Deputy Register do certify that the foregoing is a full true and perfect copy of Book “C” now in a nutilated condition in said office…December 30th 1885.”

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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