1759, November 2, From Attah Kallah Kallah

To His Excellency Governour Lyttelton From Attah Kallah Kallah

I take this early opportunity of writing to the Governour being now mett with the head men of my Town. I am Returned from war and am come to live with my Brothers who were sent up here at my Desire. When they first came Amongst us. It was agreed that they and my people should be as Brothers and live together in unity and Friendship. They came here to defend us and I promised to defend them and that the fire should forever burn clear between us. It was then the Governours desire that he should hear no complaints. I _rilie my people and it was allwise been my Endeavour to procure them Supplies of necefsaries and that they should Give no Cause of Complaint.

The Governour Gave me a String of Beads when I was last in Town. I am in hopes of having, soon an Invitation to go down and See him, then I will Carry the String of Beads which he gave me when the Governour sees them, and hears what I have done I hope he will take off the Black Beads and Leave none4 but the White on the String. My thoughts are Constantly bent on Going to war Against his and our Enemies and any Talk to my peole is that hey behave So to keep things Straight and good, I hope to hear nothing but goodtalk. And that I may ave a good Talk from the Governour In Return to this. For I shall allwise remember the Orders sent over by the Great King George.

Willinawaw the Warriour of Toqua is of the same way of thinking with me. we look upon Fort Loudoun as the place we are to Receive our orders and be Fitrted out to warr, and we Esteem te Garrison as our Brothers. It never was our Desire that the path to Charles Town should be Spoilt but that it, on the Contrary. I should allwise be plain & clear for the white people and us to walk in. I have no more at present to Say but wait for the Governours Answer.


Attah Kallah Kallo

History, Letters, Toqua,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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