1756, October 12, Directions for ____Fortiffications

Since the first articul, likewife the 2d & 3th of the Directions of y 12th 8hr. never has ben executed, & consequently without observing them the 8th articul of y Directions of y 3th gbr. Cannot be executed, & His Majeste & puplick muft consequently be Loosers of there expenses this articul will therefore put all Thofe in remembrance, who has charge of y men.

after _______pallisador work is finished, the two provincial compaynies are to devide them self: Every compaynie is to take (as ufuale) his own cantoune : vis one cantoune is from the Deviding upon y Hill inclooding Baft. King George and Doe of Cumberland to the Deviding below: the other Cantoun is from the Deviding beelow inclooding Baft. The Queen and Prince Wles to the Deviding uon the Hill. Every Capt. &_____are to look after there owne comagnie, and to Keep an exact account of there people at work and abfent, which thy may lay before the governor in council confirming with there oath.

The works are carryd on with Fasins & earth, & after every foot raisd ground, a lay__ of B__hes agreable to the fundations allready layd. & are to be raisd up on foot & a halfe higher, than the gun ports of the pallisador entrenchment. ______ Earth (ground) muft be taken in Digging within 20 feet from the firft fasin find all ready. The Digges are not to be dipper, than 4 feet & a half.

The Regulars are to continue in Glens contreguard or Fort.

Wm DeBrahm

To Capt. Raymond Demere

History, Letters,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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