1756, December 25, Fort Lowdson

May it please your excellencey

I must beg live to trouble your Excellency with a few lines as Capt. DeBrahm is a going down, the Seven Month in front there was a fiold day order’d and Capt Damorce had the _____ of war Read to the people and told them that if the works was done that they should not one of them _____ till Capt. Stwart Return’d from town which has occasion’d so much uneadenofs among the people that I can hardly perswad them to do any work Capt. Damerce alfo told me that after the works finifh’d if your Excellency Should order the provinciels to be difcharg’s that he would not let not one of them go, I muft beg your Excellency to consider as the peopoe that I have _____are chiefly married men and heave got plantations and have no body to work for them so that if they are kept hear above a month longer the cant provide for the next years crop so that they muft absolutely be Ru_n’d for it is not all their pay that will be their provissions so I shall wait with patience till I can hear from your excellency, by which time I hope I shall afsist Capt. Stwarts Cantoon at leaft a fortnight there is already two officers gone of which W. Lloed is one he never so much as asked any lieve and now Capt. Stswrt is a going to serve some ends of his I sopose for he was above a week sending about to the indien hunting ground to perfwaed the head man in at loft he got them in and have perwaded them to go down to town ane he along with them, if he gets his ends I belive Carolina will Repent it, His ends I belive is to get the Command of the fort bt I hope that some body else may get it that has the publick good mor at heart them he and also to be better acquainted with indien affairs then he is I would have concluded hear but I think I muft let your Excellency know that W. DeBrahm and my self has had ve4ry llufige hear I shall deger mentioning perticuliers till I come down but you may be informed by Capt DeBrahm of my efige the twenty second inf_t_ in they morning Capt. Dameroe sent for me and told me that Capt. BeBrahm was gone or a going and he had wrote a letter to be sent to him to perswaid him to come back and that all the officers would sign it and _efir’d me alfo to fign it so I told him I would he then took it up and by _________________ he read it in his stamering way that I did not know what it contain’d but after signing it I found several things afsirted in it which is Realy rong so I muft beg live to conclude my self your moft obedient humb Servt

John Postell

History, Letters,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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