Surname: Slater

Peter Perkins Pitchlynn was the Choctaw Principal Chief from 1864-1866

The Meeting in 1811 of Tecumseh and Apushamatahah

The meeting in 1811, of Tecumseh, the mighty Shawnee, with Apushamatahah, the intrepid Choctaw. I will here give a true narrative of an incident in the life of the great and noble Choctaw chief, Apushamatahah, as related by Colonel John Pitchlynn, a white man of sterling integrity, and who acted for many years as interpreter to the Choctaws for the United States Government, and who was an eye-witness to the thrilling scene, a similar one, never before nor afterwards befell the lot of a white man to witness, except that of Sam Dale, the great scout of General Andrew Jackson,

Biography of Hon. James Harvey Slater

HON. JAMES HARVEY SLATER. – Mr. Slater has ever borne a conspicuous part in the public affairs of Oregon; and no one has preserved a more honorable name. His mental qualities are solid rather than brilliant, and his operations weighty rather than keen. He is a man whose integrity has never been impeached; and he has ever been relied upon as a friend of the people. In his two terms at Washington, once as congressman, once as senator, he has performed some very effective work for our state; and all Oregonians hold him in high esteem. The following brief sketch

Slater, E. E. Mrs. – Obituary

Mrs. E. E. Slater died at her home at No. 807 Penn avenue at 7 o’clock this morning. The first indications of a serious nature were noticeable yesterday evening and a weakened condition of the heart is the supposed cause of death. About a year ago Mrs. Slater sustained a severe injury in a fall, and although having measurably recovered from this trouble it is believed that the injury had some effect in shortening the period of vitality. Mrs. Edna Elizabeth Slater was among the well-known pioneer residents of the Northwest. She was born in East Tennessee October 17, 1835.

Slater, Olive – Obituary

Final Rites to Be Tomorrow for Olive Slater, Early-Day Teacher Olive Agnes Slater, for whom funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock Sunday at the Snodgrass Funeral home, daughter of the late James H. and Edna Elizabeth Slater was born at Corvallis March 29, 1860. She with her parents went to Auburn, Ore., in 1864, coming to La Grande two years later. Miss Slater attended the public schools of Union county and later graduated from St. Paul’s Episcopal school in Walla Walla, Wash., majoring in art and music. She taught for a number of years in public schools then

Slater, Richard – Obituary

Hot Lake, Union County, Oregon Richard Slater, who has been hovering between life and death at Hot Lake for the past two weeks, died Monday afternoon last, and the funeral took place from the undertaking parlors Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. He was 49 years of age. Richard Slater was born March 10, 1870, in Ireland, and died at Hot Lake, Oregon, June 2, 1919, age 49 years, 2 months and 22 days. He came to Illinois when 5 years of age, and lived there one year, and then came to Kansas where he resided for 12 years, and from

Pearl E. Todd Slater of Quasqueton IA

SLATER, Pearl E. Todd10, (Howard M.9, Morris8, Allen7, David6, Abraham5, Abraham4, Jonah3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born in Quasqueton, Iowa, married Edson Slater, who is a carpenter and they live in Quasqueton, Iowa. Child: I. Gevena M.