Surname: Sanders

Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 2 Eli Sanders. Elmira Eldridge, Catherine Dilingham nee Clyne and Lucy Thornton nee Crittenden 11 Susannah. Mitchell Sanders A34 1112 George Sanders. Jennie Pritchett 2 Alexander Sanders. Peggy Sonicooie A35 OK 3 John Sanders. Dorcas Smith 4 Andrew Sanders. Mary Brewster 5 David Sanders. Susie Peacock 6 Nannie Sanders. George Harlan and Ambrose Harnage A36 7 Agnes Sanders. Jacob Alberty 8 Jennie Sanders. William Crittenden 111213 Elsie Sanders. Maxwell Chambers 2 Walter Chambers. Sallie and Elizabeth OK 3 Samuel Sanders* Ghi-ga-u Meanman 4 James Sanders. Dorcas Fields 5 Nannie Sanders. Joseph Spears 6

Slave Narrative of Susan Dale Sanders

Interviewer: Byer York Person Interviewed: Susan Dale Sanders Location: Louisville, Kentucky Place of Birth: Spencer County KY Place of Residence: #1 Dupree Alley, Louisville, Kentucky The following is a story of Mrs. Susan Dale Sanders, #1 Dupree Alley, between Breckinridge and Lampton Sts., Louisville, an old Negro Slave mammy, and of her life, as she related it. “I lived near Taylorsville, Kentucky, in Spencer County, nearly all my life, ‘cept the last fo’ or five yea’s I’se been livin’ here. I was bo’n there in a log cabin, it was made of logs, and it was chinked with clay and

Slave Narrative of Cornelia Andrews

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: Cornelia Andrews Date of Interview: May 21, 1937 Location: Smithfield, North Carolina Age: 87 An interview on May 21, 1937 with Cornelia Andrews of Smithfield, Johnston County, who is 87 years old. De fust marster dat I ‘members wuz Mr. Cute Williams an’ he wuz a good marster, but me an’ my mammy an’ some of de rest of ’em wuz sold to Doctor McKay Vaden who wuz not good ter us. Doctor Vaden owned a good-sized plantation, but he had just eight slaves. We had plank houses, but we ain’t had much food

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Benjamin Sanders

(See England, Hildebrand and Ghigau) Martha Jane, daughter of James Franklin and Mary Jane (England) Williams was born in Cherokee Nation, Apr. 7, 1870. Educated in the Cherokee Nation. Married at Vinita, Aug. 1887, Benjamin Franklin Sanders, born June 30, 1861 in Clay County, Texas. They are the parents of Martha Leona Sanders, born August 18, 1890. Educated in Female Seminary, Hardin College, Mexico, Missouri and the Southern Seminary, Beuna Vista, Virginia, graduating from the latter institution. She married James H. Thigpin, a graduate of the Alabama State Agricultural College. They are now living at Fort Worth, Texas, where he

Biographical Sketch of Lewis J. Sanders

(See Sanders)-Samuel D., son of Andrew Sanders, married Nancy Jane Gafford and Martha Ann Harris. Samuel D. and Nancy Jane Sanders were the parents of Lewis Johnson Sanders, born December 12, 1872, and married March 3, 1891 Mary Ellen Parson, born April 30, 1875. They were the parents of Thomas Johnson, Charlotte Mable, William F., and Ora E, Sanders.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Dollie Sanders

(See Foreman and Go-oo-du-i-sga) Dollie, daughter of Charles and Mary Ellen (Thornton) Cochran, born August 23, 1877. Married at Tahlequah in 1897, S. L. Sanders. They are the parents of Murrell, Charles, Haskell, and Ross Sanders. Ellen, daughter of Amos and Minerva (Foreman) Thornton was born February 14,1857. Married June 15, 1876 Charles Cochran, born in 1845. He died March 16, 1889 and she died February 16, 1899. They were the parents of Mrs. Dollie Saunders.

Biographical Sketch of Sequoyah Sanders

(See Grant, Downing, Ghigau, and Sanders)-Sequoyah, the son of Thomas Didymus and Joanna (Pettit) Sanders born at Braggs in 1888. He was educated in the public schools of the Cherokee Nation; married at Independence, Kansas Cora Wyatt. They are the parents of to and Georgia Sanders and Mrs. Sanders are members of the Nazarene Church. Wahyah, brother of Mr. Sanders, married Willie Hawkins; and his brother Joseph Emmet Sanders married Jennie Riley. The latter couple are the parents of Thomas Didymus, Anna May and Emeline Sanders. Frank Pettit married Mary Beck and they the parents of Mrs. Joanna (Pettit) Sanders.

Biography of John Gunter Sanders

(See Ghigau, Sanders, Oolootsa and Adair)-John Gunter, son of William Edward and Sarah Catherine (Scrimsher) Sanders was born at the Sanders homestead, southwest of Claremore Mound on April 23, 1891. He was educated at Claremore Public Schools, A. and M. College, Stillwater, Okla, and Henry Kendall College, Tulsa, Okla. Gentlemanly and reserved Mr. Sanders is one of the foremost and most progressive members of his tribe. Of distinguished lineage it is but naturel that he should take a leaders place in the councils of the Cherokee. His father was born in Going Snake District April 2, 1861, just as the

Biography of Holland V. Sanders

Holland Venton Sanders, Town Clerk of Port Hope since 1857, is a son of Emanuel and Sarah (Venton) Sanders, and dates his birth in the parish of Cookbury, Devonshire, England, September, 1823. His parents and grandparents belonged to the yeomanry of Devonshire, the family living in the same house more than a century; his mother died when he was about six years old; lie was reared in habits of industry; received a common English education; at sixteen years of age went to Buckland Brewer, in his native county, and served his time at the watch and clockmaker’s trade, and in

Slave Narrative of Margrett Nickerson

Interviewer: Rachel A. Austin Person Interviewed: Margrett Nickerson Location: Jacksonville, Florida Age: 89-90 In her own vernacular, Margrett Nickerson was “born to William A. Carr, on his plantation near Jackson, Leon County, many years ago.” When questioned concerning her life on this plantation, she continues: “Now honey, it’s been so long ago, I don’ ‘meber ev’ything, but I will tell you whut I kin as near right as possible; I kin ‘member five uf Marse Carr’s chillun; Florida, Susan, ‘Lijah, Willie and Tom; cose Carr never ‘lowed us to have a piece of paper in our hands.” “Mr. Kilgo was