Surname: Granger

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont vol 1

Genealogical and Family History of Vermont

Hiram Charlton took on the publication of the Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont for Lewis Publishing. In it, he enlisted the assistance of living residents of the state in providing biographical and genealogical details about their family, and then he published all 1104 family histories in two distinct volumes.

Rev. Emanuel C. Charlton

History of the Methodist Church at Norwich Vermont

Prior to the year 1800, Methodism had scarcely gained a foothold in Vermont. The first Methodist society in the State is said to have been formed at Vershire by Nicholas Suethen in 1796. Two years later, only one hundred church members were returned as residents in the Vershire Circuit, then including the whole of eastern Vermont. Zadock Thompson, in the first edition of his Gazetteer of Vermont, published in 1824, gives the number of preachers, traveling and local, at that time as about one hundred, and the number of societies much greater. Probably no religious body ever made so rapid

1894 Michigan State Census – Eaton County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Eaton County Bellevue Township. – Elias Stewart, Frank F. Hughes, Edwin J. Wood, Samuel Van Orman, John D. Conklin, Martin V. Moon. Mitchell Drollett, Levi Evans, William Fisher, William E. Pixley, William Henry Luscomb, George Carroll, Collins S. Lewis, David Crowell, Aaron Skeggs, Thomas Bailey, Andrew Day, L. G. Showerman, Hulbert Parmer, Fletcher Campbell, Lorenzo D. Fall, William Farlin, Francis Beecraft, William Caton, Servitus Tucker, William Shipp, Theodore Davis. Village of Bellevue. – William H. Latta, Thomas B.

Biography of Gideon Granger

Gideon, son of Launcelot Granger, was born in Suffield, Connecticut, July 19. 1767, and was the first of the name to make his home in Canandaigua. New York. We are not familiar with the details of his early life except that he was given opportunity to obtain a liberal education, of which he availed himself, graduating from Yale College in 1787, at the age of twenty. He entered upon the study of the law soon afterward, and rose to distinction in the bar of his native state. He was a man of public spirit, and imbued with the jeffersonian principles

Biography of Francis Granger

Francis. second son of Gideon and Mindwell (Pease) Granger, was born in Suffield, Connecticut, December 1. 1792, and in 1811, at the age of nineteen years. was graduated with honor from Yale College. He followed the example of his distinguished father by studying for the bar, and soon after the removal of the family to Canandaigua took up the practice of his profession in that village. He promptly entered public life and for many years the suffrages of his constituents placed him in positions of honor and responsibility, where his natural and acquired qualifications enabled him to occupy the foremost

Biography of Gideon Granger

Gideon, son of Francis and Cornelia (Van Rensselaer) Granger, was born in Canandaigua, New York, August 30, 1821. His early life was surrounded by all the refinements of a beautiful home, and the most liberal opportunities for gaining a thorough education. Like his father and his grandfather, he was a graduate of Yale College, where he took his degree in 1843. Like them, too. he studied for the legal profession, and had he been so inclined might without doubt have taken a foremost position at the bar. Born with a heart in sympathy with suffering of all kinds, he gave

Biography of John Albert Granger

John Albert, third son of Gideon and Mindwell (Pease) Granger. was born in Suffield. Connecticut, September 11, 1795, died in Canandaigua, New York, May 26, 1870. Originally intended for the navy, his early education, commenced in Suffield and there continued until the removal of the family to Washington, D. C., was along lines of instruction which, when the idea of the sea was abandoned, found him without the classical training required for a college course. He spent some years under the tutorage of “Parson” Gay, of Fairfield, Connecticut, a noted instructor in those days. from whose hands he entered a

Biographical Sketch of Zadock Granger

Zadock Granger, the great-great-grandfather of Henry Francis Granger, was born in Suffield county, Connecticut; enlisted in a Massachusetts regiment, and served as a colonel during the revolutionary war. Later he removed to Halford’s Landing, the present site of Rochester, New York. His younger brother was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Biographical Sketch of Henry Martyn Granger

Henry Martyn, son of Calvin Granger, was born in Rochester, New York, August 13, 1835. He was engaged in the general mercantile line and was recognized as a successful and up to date business man. He was a trustee of the church in Hornell, New York, and was a liberal contributor to funds to be devoted to the furtherance of religious matters. He married Sarah. daughter of Deacon Chauncey B. Smith, who was born in 1800, and died in 1879, and who established the First Presbyterian Church in Hornell. Mrs. Granger was a native of Hornell, was a devout worshipper

Biography of Henry Francis Granger

Henry Francis, son of Henry Martyn and Sarah (Smith) Granger, was born in Hornell, Steuben county, New York, August 18, 1868. His ancestor Francis Granger was postmaster-general under President Harrison, and was the son of Gideon Granger, who held the office of postmaster-general under President Thomas Jefferson. At the conclusion of his preparatory education Henry Francis Granger matriculated at Columbia University, from the Law School of which he was graduated in 1892, and admitted to the bar in the same year. The following year he associated himself in a partnership with James Lindsay Gordon, a member of the senate from