South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 2nd Regiment, Company C.

CAPTAINS: Wallace, Wm., Lorick, S., Vinson, A.P.

FIRST LIEUTENANT: Wood, W.S., Bell, J.C. Peck, W.D., Wallace, E. Youmans, O.J., Scott, J.T., McGregor, W.C., Stenhouse, E.

SERGEANTS: Myers, Jno. A., Howie, Wm., Radcliff, L.J., Beck, Chas, J., Shand, R.W., Clarkson, I.O.H., Bell, Jacob, Hill, Wm., Medlin, N., Corrall. Jno., Edwards, J.G., Bell, E.H.

CORPORALS: McCullough, Jno., Owens, Peter, Garner, Thos., Robertson, R.D., Lee, J.W.G., Osment, J.R., Davis, H., Freeman, R.G., Loomis, T.D.

PRIVATES: Ballard, J.N., Boyer, Thomas, Busard, Sam., Boyle, J.C., Brown, S., Brice, Robert, Campbell, James, Campbell, J.M., Copeland, J., Cook, P., Chestnut, —-, Chambers, E.R., Cupps, C.M., Douglass, Jno., Dougherty, J., Dickens, H.C., Davis, R.A., Flaherty, M., Freeman, Wm., Glaze, Jno., Garner, Wm., Goodwin, E.M., Gruber, Jno., Gruber, S., Goins, Henry, Gunnell, J.S., Gunnell, W.H., Grier, J., Heminnis, M., Hurst, J.P., Harrison, B., Hauleely, Henry, Hendricks, Jno., Hunt, J., Hammett, H.B., Hamilton, D., Isbell, Walter, King, W.H., Kallestrane, M.H., Lee, U., Lee, L.W., Lee, A.J., Leach, C., Lochlier, —-, Martin, J.M., Martin, Joel, Martin, C.B., Martin, Daniel, Martin, Saml., Manville, A.T., Medlin, C., McPherson, S. McPherson, W., McPherson, Jno., McGregor, P.C., Murrell, W.S., Medlin, P., Perry, J., Perry, C., Palmer, W.R., Pearson, Robt, Poag, R.P., Ramsay, J., Robertson, F.L., Ransom, Wm., Scarborough, Wm., Scott, J.R., Sheely, W.C., Sharp, G.W., Stubblefield, W.H., Tate, I.O., Vinson, Wm., Wailes, R., Wilson, K., Walker, C.A., Williamson, W.I., Woolen, James, Zesterfelt, F.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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