South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 20th Vols., Company L.

CAPTAINS: Sparks, A.D., Bolton, C.P.

LIEUTENANTS: Peterkin, J.A., Kinney, W.F., Moore, A.E.

SERGEANTS: Hodges, G., Emanuel, E.M., Walsh, W.W., Covington, J.T.

CORPORALS: Manning, J., Rowe, A.J., Montgomery, J., Allen, E.

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PRIVATES: Allen, J., Bridges, J.W., Bristow, J.D., Bristow, J.M., Bristow, R.N., Anderson, T.F., Bethea, J.W., Buzhart, J.T., Buchanan, J.A., Calder, W., Carter, W., Berry, D.F., Carrigan, W.A., Clark, R., Cope, E., Cottingham, J., Cowan, W.T., Coxe, R.A., Croley, D., Croley, R., Culler, C.W., David, A.L., DeBarry, E., Bridges, J.H., Bridges, S., Dunford, A.J., English, C., English, J., Evans, T.A., Fowler, W.D., Frasier, C., Frasier, W., Goss, H.L., Grice, E., Grice, J., Grice, T.S., Graham, W., Graham, Windsor, Graham, W., Havse, D., Hearsey, G.R., Holeman, E., Henegan, A.B., Henegan, S.A., Hubbard, J.G., Hodges, T.C., Hodges, W.L., Graham, J.J., Ivy, L., Jackson, J., Jackson, A., Jackson, O., Kendall, R.A., Lemaster, B.B., Lipscomb, E., Lipscomb, W.R., Manning, E., Manning, J.R., Moody, G.W., McCaskill, K., McCall, D., McCormie, A., McCall, C.S., McCall, J.D., McCall, L.H., McCall, P.R., McKee, J.A., McGee, A., McLeod, M., McAlister, J., McAlister, C., Mumford, W., Parham, I.H., Parham, H., Parham, H.A., Parham, W.H., Miles, G.W., Polson, C., Polson, J., Parish, J., Parish, H., Pearson, M., Pearson, P., Rascoe, W., McLane, G., McDaniel, J.R., McDaniel, W.W., Rodgers, H.J., Rowe, S.H., Cope, I.T., Byrd, J., Quick, A.W., Smith, H.B., Spears, H., Sports, G., Sports, J., Sturgis, J., Strickland, M., Stubbs, A.A., Stackhouse, W.R., Turner, I., Truwic, C.L., Ware, G., Wetherly, E., Wilkins, J., Willoughby, R., Willoughby, J.T., Woodle, J., Williams, S.V., Miller, P.A., Welch, H., Welch, T., Windham, R.E., Hinds, J., Hale, R.W., Wallace, G.T., Wallace, W., Webster, G.W., Webster, J., Wilson, M.R., Walsh, J.R., Wright, J.G., Watson, S., Watson, W., Wicker, J., Page, W.J., Lampley, J., Gay, J., Snead, L.P., Johns, P.M., Burlington, H., Stanton, J., Littlejohn, J., Murchison, R., Berry, F., Ivy, W.H., Hamer, J., Bethea, W.H., McLeod, B.F., McPearson, A., McPearson, M., Medling, J., Baggett, H., Conner, D., Conner, W., Covington, R., Covington, E., Covington, T., Proctor, C., Fletcher, J., Emanuel, J.M., Thomlinson, L., Thomlinson, J., Moore, B.P., Moore, T., Reese, J., Reese, John, Cottingham, A., Cottingham, J., Crabb, H.B., Leggett, A., Calhoun, J.C., Calhoun, H., Sparks, B.M.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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