Biographical Sketch of Charles H. Zurcher

It is ample cause for joy, that the places of the worthy pioneers who have done such a noble work in these sections, are being, as they drop out one by one and go hence to their final rewards, filled with young men of courage and ambition and ability, and whose desire is to build super structures on the foundations so well laid by these frontiersmen, that will in every way do credit to the stanch predecessors, and as the age advances will keep pace with the rapid march of civilization. The subject of this sketch is a gentleman whose life has been filled with commendable activities and whose abilities have been brought into requisition by a discerning and discriminating constituency, and be it said to his credit that the confidence and hopes reposed in his integrity and ability are being fulfilled in a measure that is gratifying.

The Buckeye state is the birthplace of Mr. Zurcher, Cadiz being his native town, and September 10, 1875, the time of his advent into this life. His parents came to this county in 1884, and he accompanied them hither. He was well educated in the home state and here when the time came for him to take up the duties of life he was engaged as bookkeeper in the M. & M. store in Enterprise, which position he held for ten years, which speaks volumes for his efficiency and faithfulness. In 1900 the people of the county rewarded this faithfulness by nominating him for county clerk on the Republican ticket and then promptly electing him to discharge these important duties. In this capacity, we find him laboring at the present time fulfilling the hopes for his success and guarding sacredly the confidence reposed in him.

In 1901 Mr. Zurcher and Miss Tilla B. daughter of H. and Susan (Wise) best, were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony. Fraternally, Mr. Zurcher is affiliated with the Masons with the Eastern Star, Wallowa Valley Chapter No. 50, and with the Maccabees, Joseph Tent, No. 35. Mrs. Zurcher is identified with the Rebekahs of Enterprise. Mr. Zurcher is fortunate in that he has the entire confidence of the people of his county, and his life has been such that he is worthy of all that is bestowed upon him. His views are optimistic, being of a broad minded public spirit, and his achievements are worthy and ordered by a wisdom that is becomingly set in the vigor of youth, and if the future may be presaged by the past, we are safe in predicting a career of unbounded success for the subject of this sketch.



An Illustrated history of Union and Wallowa Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Western Historical Pub. Co., 1902.

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