History of Jefferson County Oklahoma

Jim M. Dyer’s “History of Jefferson County, Oklahoma” offers a detailed look at the county’s development alongside Oklahoma’s growth as a state. The book highlights the state’s 50th anniversary and aims to honor the pioneers who built the county.

Dyer details the hardships faced by early settlers and their lasting influence. He notes that the book is not an all-inclusive history but rather a reliable record drawn from established sources. Dyer intends to show the contributions of many settlers through selected examples.

The book covers Jefferson County’s political and social history, notable towns and figures, important events, and changes in the agricultural sector.

After Oklahoma achieved statehood, one of the newly elected officials was the Register of Deeds. Mr. M.C. Fisher of Ryan held this position, which entailed registering all legal documents related to land ownership, including titles and mortgages.

One of the first tasks for the Register of Deeds was to ensure proper record-keeping for Jefferson County. Since portions of Jefferson County had previously belonged to Comanche County in the Oklahoma Territory, the Register of Deeds traveled to Lawton, Comanche County, to transcribe and record all relevant documents.

The Indian (or 98th) Meridian played a crucial role in this process. This line defined the boundary between those lands and towns that remained in Comanche County to the west, and those that extended north to become part of Jefferson County.

“History of Jefferson County, Oklahoma” is a resource for anyone interested in local history and the role of pioneers in shaping communities. It provides insights into the social, economic, and political elements influencing the region’s development during Oklahoma’s early statehood.

History of Jefferson County, Oklahoma

Table of Contents

Chapter I
Jefferson County – Congressional Enactments – The Dawes Commission – The Enabling Act – Election and Statehood – County Officers – Marriage and Statehood – Transcribing Records -State and District Officers – House Keeping – Present day Resources (1957) – The Oil Industry – The Chicago and Rock Island Railroad – Statistics – Old Landmarks – Unforgettable Events – Raging Waters – Towns and Villages – Atler – Grady – A New Railroad – War Drums – World War II 1941-1945.

Chapter II
Waurika – United States Post Office – The Waurika News-Democrat – C. S. Storm – Waurika High School – Guaranty Abstract Company – Waurika Abstract Company – Jefferson County Abstract Company – Service Clubs – Sorosis Club – The Delphian Club – Waurika – The Waurika Public library – The Waurika Business and Professional Women’s Club – The Waurika Rotary Club – The Lions Club – That Silent Servant – Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Waurika – First Christian Church, Waurika – Presbyterian Church, Waurika – First Baptist Church, Waurika – The Nazarene Church, Waurika – Methodist Church, Waurika – Church of Christ, Waurika – Waurika The Beginning—1902 Waurika.

Chapter III
Waurika Personalities – Faithful Servants – Mrs. Ruby Dunkin – Miss Nora Taber – The Printer of Bill Morrison’s – Earl McGraw – Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harper – A. G. Collins, Sr. – Mae B. Talley – Mary White – The O. E. Heacock Family – The C. R. Cashion Family – Wesley Y. Dilley – Dick and Lillian Coleman – Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greer – Hugh L. Ray – Guy Green – Sam Ash – J. N. Stout – W. H. Gresham – Harley Ivy – Tom Sims – Louesta Spradling Capps – Charles R. Taber – Loy H. Stout – E. B. and Ethel Anderson – W. J. Johnston – L. H. and Edna Mae Stowe – The Smith-Cole Home – F. C. Marmaduke – Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Dye – Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Silkwood – E. S. Atkins – C. T. Christian.

Chapter IV
Oscar – Ryan – Mrs. Sam Davis – S. W. Ryan – The Ryan Leader – People’s Bank and Trust Company – The Major Pioneers – Methodist Church, Ryan – First Baptist Church, Ryan – Roll Call of Ryan Pioneers – Irving – Terral – L. F. Wray – Joe E. Rogers – Joseph Sydney Vanderburg – R. E. Schoolfield – Mrs. Cora Hightower – The Hightower Family – J. H. D. Terral – Baptist Church, Terral – Methodist Church, Terral – Fleetwood.

Chapter V
Addington – A Bank Robbery.

Chapter VI

Chapter VII
Hastings – Sarah Caroline Kuykendall Hastings – The Hastings Roll Call.

Chapter VIII
Claypool – Ringling – Cornish – The Cornish Orphan’s Home – Mountain Home.

Chapter IX
From Longhorns to White Faces – Henry Price – Charley Beaver Ranch – C. H. Featherston Ranch – R. N. Howard Ranch – J. B. Morgan Ranch – Arthur Grundy Ranch – Payne Hereford Ranch – Elbert Griffin Ranch – James Griffin Ranch – Laster Gaines, Sr. Ranch – Last Gaines, Jr. Ranch – Claude B. Turner – R. C. Murphy Ranch – Josiah H. Dillard – James Dillard Ranch – The D. H. Stone Ranch – Mrs. Oolucha Barrett’s Ranch – Lawrence and Verna Brown Ranch – The Otto Bound Ranch – Scott Dennis – Don Dennis – C. B Barrett Ranch – S. S. Barrett Ranch – The Jones Barrett Ranch – The Curry Ranch – Asphaltum – The Myrtle McDonald Ranch.


Dyer, Jim M., History of Jefferson County, Oklahoma, 1957.


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