Biographical Sketch of Watt A. Mayes

(See Adair, Foreman, Ross and Grant)-Walter Adair Mayes, born December 10, 1860, educated in the Cherokee public schools and Male Seminary, married December 31, 1890, Nannie Rider McCoy, born March 25, 1865. She was educated in the National schools and Female Seminary. They are the parents of: Hall, born September, 23, 1891; Washington E., born September 8, 1893; Clarence, born October 23, 1895 ; Mayme Lucile, born November 14, 1897; Jesse Lamar, born May 1, 1900; and Joseph McCoy Mayes, born June 9, 1903.

Waiter Adair Mayes is the son of George Washington Mayes, born November 11, 1824.

Married May 21, 1846, Charlotte Bushyhead, born March 16, 1830. She died January 23, 1878, and he died October 28, 1894.

George Washington was the son of Samuel and Nancy (Adair) Mayes. Charlotte was the daughter of Rev. Jesse and Eliza (Wilkerson) Bushyhead. Walter Adair Mayes is the nephew of Chiefs Dennis Wolf Bushyhead, Joel Bryan and Samuel Houston Mayes and Miss Nannie Mayes is the grandniece of Chief John Ross and great granddaughter of Chief Charles Renatus Hicks.

Mrs Walter Adair Mayes is the daughter of Joseph Rogers McCoy, who married on December 16, 1851, Nancy Hicks, born September 16, 1830. He died July 4, 1866.
Walter A. Mayes’ Cherokee name is Oganostota and he belongs to the Deer Clan. Mrs. Mayes’ Cherokee name is Walliah and she belongs to the bird clan.


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