Biographical Sketch of Quilliki P McGhee

McGhee, Quilliki P.-Quilliki Phillips, son of Thomas Jefferson and Martha (Hanna) McGhee, is a native of Delaware District in which District he was educated.

He married Miss Letitia Hanna and they were the parents of two children. Mrs. Letitia McGhee died and he married her sister.

Thomas Jefferson, son of Ambrose and Judith (Cochran) McGhee, married Martha Hanna and they were the parents of: Samuel Albert, James M., Thomas Jefferson, Viola, Clero, Saladin C., Joseph Fox and Quilliki P. McGhee. Thomas Jefferson McGhee, Sr. was First Lieutenant of Company E of the First Cherokee Mounted Volunteers in the Confederate service. He was elected Sheriff of Delaware District in 1867 and was elected Clerk of the same District in 1880, 1881, 1883, 1885 and 1889. A brilliant interpreter and orator, he was one of the most popular and progressive citizens of Delaware District.

Reared by such a father it was but natural that the talented and forceful son, Quilliki P. should be endowed with a logical and analytical mind that would render him one of the most successful attorneys and jurists of northeastern Oklahoma. He was admitted to the bar in December 1914 and his large legal practice has rendered him a wealthy one. While active in the councils of the republican party he never allowed his name to be used in connection with any office until 1920, when he was elected County Judge of Ottawa County by an immense majority.



Ottawa County OK,

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