Biographical Sketch of Mrs. John H. Abbott

(See Ward and Foreman) Martha Alice, daughter of John Wesley and Mary Elvira (Ward) Holland, was born January 28, 1862; married at Stilwell June 21, 1884; Robert Early, born February 16, 1858, in Gilmer County, Georgia.

He died August 27, 1906. They were the parents of Dora, born March 16, 1886; John William, born June 22, 1887 Mary Angeline, born February 1, 1889; Martha Lou, born September 17, 1893, and died November 7, 1911; Robert Ross, born October 14, 1895; Ida Belle, born February 3, 1898, and died September 23, 1920; Mollie Elmira, born October 24, 1900, and Dovie Early, born November 3, 1904.

Ida Belle Early married Herbert Line and they had two children: John Wesley, born may 1, 1918, and Martha Line, born July 3, 1919.

Mrs. Martha Alice Early married John H. Abbott, born in 1847 in Florida.

His first wife was Ellen Isabel, daughter of Robert Early and Minerva Jane (Taylor) Walker, born in 1867, and died in 1898. John H. and Ellen Isabel Abbott were the parents of Ethel Louisa, born October 5, 1875; Eugene Michael, born November 25, 1877; John Wesley, born September 28, 1879; Caroline Minerva, born December 23, 1880; Senora Julia, born November 20, 1882; Fannie Edith, born February 15, 1885; Mae Lillian, born September 20, 1887; Butler Lafayette, born July 24, 1889; William Ghormley, born October 20, 1893, and Jennie Ellen Abbott, born November 13, 1895.



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