Roll Of Capt. James Rightmire’s Company

(Probably from Licking Co.)

Served from May 4, until May 19, 1813, and from September 8, 1814, until March 5, 1815.

Capt. James Rightmire
Lieut. George Hull
Ensign, Wadly Smith
Sergt. John Wells
Sergt. Burwell
Sergt. Jonas Frye
Sergt. Samuel Dunlap
Sergt. Daniel Dial
Sergt. Thomas Merit
Corp. William Starner
Corp. John Harbert
Corp. Joshua Downs
Corp. Elijah Harris
Fifer, David Cox
Drummer, Joseph Beckwith
Musician, Valentine Dial
Musician William Spig


Agg, Frederick
Alspaugh, Adam
Baker, John
Barlow, Abraham
Bashford, Thomas
Bigsby, Titus
Boner, James
Botton, John
Brister, Jacob
Brown, Ebenezer
Brown, Jeremiah
Channel, Isom
Chapman, Timothy
Chapman, William
Claybough, William
Culverson, Jeremiah
Cunningham, Joseph
Damaval, Edward
Darrie, Ezziah
Davies, Nathaniel
Dial, George
Dial, Phillip
Dison, Turner
Doty, Thrazey
Drumple, Charles
Evans, Joshua
Fortner, John
Goodrich, Stephen G
Green, John
Harris, Enoch
Harris, Isaac
Harris, Jesse
Harris, William
Harrod, John
Harrod, Levi
Hilman, Daniel
Holt, James
Howard, Charles S
Hull, James
Hull, Uriah
Ireland, Nobel
Low, James
Mains, William
McCormick, Moses
McCrary, Benjamin
McGowan, James
McMillen, Ephraim
McMillen, Robert
Merrit, John
Miller, Henry
Mix, Justice
Morris, William
Nemerick, Jacob
Night, William
Ogden, James
Potter, Nathan
Priest, Hankey
Pumpey, Joshua
Regah, John
Robinson, Joel
Rupp, Jacob
Shillinbarger, Isaac
Shump, William
Smith, James
Smith, Phillip
Spirgin, James
Stephens, Chester
Stitwell, Stephen
Stotts, Daniel
Stripe, Warner
Strobe, James
Strobe, William
Thomas, William
Thompson, Rennold
Trimbly, Josiah
Vance, Joseph
Vansarsdol, Cornelius
Walker, Robert
Wilkin, John
Wills, William
Winsett, Joseph
Wist, James
Woodrow, William
Woodruff, Ogden
Woodward, Ashel

War of 1812,

Licking County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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