Roll Of Capt. Aaron Strong’s Company

(County Unknown).

Served from October 7. until December 15, 1812.

Capt. Aaron Strong
Lieut. Chaney Barker
Ensign, Aaron Welsh
Sergt. Bulkey Comstock
Sergt. Roswell Tuller
Sergt. Nahum King
Sergt. Ira Wilcox
Corp. Joseph Reath
Corp. Isaac Harrison
Corp. Samuel Hayden
Corp. Norman Case
Drummer, Sylvester Drake
Fifer, Mathias Vanloon


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Bardsley, Darius
Barker, William N
Benjamin, Daniel
Bety, Francis
Bixby, Appleton
Brown, Thomas
Calkins, Lovewell
Carpenter, Nathan
Case, Nathan
Case, Orlando
Cooper, John
Davis, Elezer
Davis, John D
Denton, Justice
Dickey, John
Dixon, Myron
Dunham, Walter
Dunlebarger, Frederick
Evans, Edward
Fancher, Henry
Fancher, William
Filge, Daniel
Fischar, Josiah
Fisher, George
Foltner, Joshua N
Foose, William
Foust, Abraham
Foust, Henry
Gale, Jesse
George, Thomas
Griswold, Isaac
Hall, William
Hare, John
Helt, John
Hilt, Daniel
Hilt, Jacob
Humphrey, Lemuel
Judd, Liman
Kent, Daniel
Keyes, Tolman
Lewis, John
Main, Clover
Manville, Flemming
Manville, John
Maxfield, Amos
McCumber, Jeremiah
McCutcheon, Robert
McGinnis, Samuel
Milliken, John
Millington, Peter
Mitchell, Moses
Mitchell, Samuel
Napp, Thomas D
Nelson, Robert
Olds, Ezra, Jr.
Patterson, John
Perry, Samuel
Phillips, John
Pultney, Aquila
Rath, Nathan
Reed, Daniel
Reed, Samuel
Robinson, Thomas
Royee, Nijad
Scott, Asa
Scribner, John
Sharp, Gant
Silbee, David
Simmers, Ephraim
Slate, Valentine
Stark, James
Strong, Daniel
Tarboss, John
Teedell, Joseph
Tuttle Rosswell, Jr.
Tylor, Richard
Van Loon, Jacob
Wallace, Heman
Wallis, Solomon
Watson, William
Welsh, Orora
Welsh, Samuel
White, James H.
Wyatt, Nathaniel
Young, Andrew
Zimmerman, Henry

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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