St. John The Baptist Church Jubilee

The “Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of St. John The Baptist Church: Beach, North Dakota, 1909-1959” is a commemorative publication marking the 50th anniversary of the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Beach, North Dakota. Published in 1959, this work is not just a tribute to the church’s history but also an acknowledgment of the community and individuals who have been pivotal in its development and growth. The book delves into various aspects of the church’s journey from its inception, including its early records, significant milestones like the burning of the mortgage, vocations, sketches of pastors, and the numerous organizations associated with it.

The forward of the book sets a tone of gratitude and reverence, dedicating this piece of history to the missionary priests, venerable sisters, and the parishioners who have played a role in the church’s legacy. Special acknowledgment is given to Ray W. Lingk, whose extensive historical research and collection of notes and materials have been instrumental in the creation of this book. His contributions, along with the support of various committees and the community at large, underscore the collaborative effort that went into documenting the church’s fifty years of faith, service, and community building.

Located in the small town of Beach in Golden Valley County, North Dakota, St. John the Baptist Church has been a focal point of spiritual and communal life. The book not only highlights the church’s religious and social significance in the area but also pays homage to the families and surnames like Bartley, Schieffer, LaMeres, Hake, Heinz, and Finnegan, who have been part of its history.

Table of Contents

  1. History of St. John the Baptist Church, p. 8
  2. Early Records, p. 15
  3. The Burning of the Mortgage, p. 17
  4. Vocations, p. 18
  5. Sketches of Pastors, p. 19
  6. Organizations, p. 21


Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Souvenir of the golden jubilee of St. John The Baptist Church : Beach, North Dakota, 1909-1959, Beach, North Dakota : St. John the Baptist Church, 1959.


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