Will of Thomas Exton, Capt. – 1668

CAPT. THOMAS EXTON, New York. “Being sick and weak.” Appoints his loving friends Capt. Sylvester Salisbury and Mr. John Rider, Gent, executors. “I leave seven Beavers to buy wine for ye officers and Gentlemen who accompany my Corps to the Grave.” “I leave six choice Beaver skins to be paid to Capt. Thomas Breedon, of Boston, to satisfy a credit. Captain Thomas Delaval gave to Mr. Isaac Bedloe.” To Mr. Matthias Nicolls “my fine new Holland shirts which lye in my Black trunk.” To Abigail, wife of Mr. Matthias Nicolls, “my silver boat, a silver meat fork, and a silver spoon.” To Richard Nicoll, son of Mr. Matthias Nicoll, “my gold seale ring.” To Capt. Sylvester Salisbury a pair of Haire coloured silk stockings and a pair of gloves. To Capt. John Manning “my belt embossed with silver and gold.” To Mr. John Rider and wife ten Crown pieces, to buy them a piece of plate. To Mr. Thomas Tiddman, “my Gray Beaver hatt.” To Mrs. Anna Broadhead, widow of Capt. Daniel Broadhead, “a gold ring with this Poesie on it, ‘God’s Providence is our Inheritance.’” To Sergeant Patrick Dondell “my Gray French hatt.” “My scarlett coat laced with gold and silver lace, and other coats to be sold, and 100 guilders of the money to be paid to Uffraw Wessells, and the remainder to be spent among my fellow souldiers of the garrison of Fort James.” To Henry Conolley a suit of clothes. To Richard Hayrner, two goats. “To Richard Charlton for his paynes in writing this will, four pieces of eight.”

Dated September 23, 1668. Witnesses, Brian Newton, Thomas Dinely. Proved October 7, 1668.

LIBER 1-2, page 27



Abstracts Of Wills On File In The Surrogate’s Office City Of New York

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