Baptisms In The Village Of Bergen In New Jersey 1690-1691




No Date Child Parents Witnesses & Sponsors
204 bp. Apr. 22 Abraham

Walingh Jacobse  Catreyna Magielse

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Jan  Pieter Slot, Y.M., Annetje Steynmets
205   Jan Matheus Cornelise  Catreyna Poulus Pieter Pouluse, Hillitje Poulus wife of Lubbert Lubbertse, Jr.
206   Eduart Eduart Erle Eduart Elsje Vreelant Enoch Michielse Vreeland, Preytje Michielse Vreelant wife of
Adries Clasen
207   Cornelis Cornelis Roelofse  Magdaleena van Giesen Abraham van Giesen, Y. M., Treyntje Claes
208   Achtje Johannes Michielse Vreelant  Claesje Dirckx Hertman Michielse Vreelant, Ariaentje Michielse Vreelant Y.W.
209 bp. Apr. 22 Rachel Albert Albertse Terheun  Hendrickje Stevens Albert Stevens, Jelitje Reyniers
210   Jannetje Albert Stevensen  Jelitje Reyniers Albert Albertse Terheun, Hendrickje Stevens
211 bp. Apr. 22 Jacob Abraham Boke  Tanneke Cin Hassel Pieterse, Y.M., Merritje Claes wife of Gerbrant Clasen
212 bp. June 10 Johannes Catryna Gerrits widow of Johanna Adriaen Post Hermanus Gerritse, Cristoffel Steynmets, Catryna Michielse the
wife of Walingh Jacobs
213 bo. July 3
bp. Oct. 7
Hendrick Bastiaen van Giesen  Aeltje Hendrickse Hendrick Jorise Dierckje van Giesen
214   Johannes Tonis Roelofse  Treyntje Claes Jan Claesen, Y. M. Pietertje Claes, Y.W.
215   Johannes Hans Spier  Treyntje Pieters Tonis Jansen Merritje Tonis
216 bp. Oct. Ragel Symon Jacobse vanWinckel  Annetje Ariaens Sips  




No Date Child Parents Witnesses & Sponsors
217 bo. Jan. 7 Gerritje Helmigh Roelofse  Annetje Pieters  
218 bp. Apr. 14 Jannetje Arien Pietersen Buys Treyntje Hendricks Jan Ariaensen Sip, Joanna van der Voorst his wife
219 bp. June 4 Geertje Pieter Pouluse Treyntje Hans Jacobs Marten Pouluse, Y. M. Cristina Poulus, Y. W.
220   Jannetje Cornelis Doremus  Jannetje Joris Johannes Vreelant, Catryna Gerrits widow of Adriaen Post.
221 bp. June 4 Hester Willem Day Annetje Jacobs Jo. Steynmets, Annetje Jacobs his wife
222 bo. June 12 Meyndert1 Gerbrant Claese Merritje Claes  
223 bo. June 14 Merritje2 Thomas Fransen  Treyntje Brestee  
224 bo. July 62 (a daughter) Johannes Jansen van Tilburg  Anna Mary van Giese  
225 bo. between
Aug. 28 & 29 bp. 4
Zara2 Abraham Misier  Eleysabet Kouwenhoven  
226 bo. Sept. 16
bp. Oct.
Zara Adries Claesen  Preyntje Michielse Vreelant Hertman Michielse Vreelant, Annetje Jacobs wife of Jo. Steynmets
227 bp. Oct. 5 Guert Juriaen Tomasen  Reyckje Hermans Helmigh Roelofse, Jannetje Pieters his wife
228 bo. Aug. 28
bp. Oct. 5
Vrouwtje Hessel Pieterse  Elysabet Claes Elysabet Gerrits widow of Pieter Hesselse, Cornelis Claes

1 Born at Gamonepa in the jurisdiction of Bergen, East New Jersey.
2 Born at Bergen in East New Jersey.
3 Born on Monday afternoon at Achquechgenouck.
4 Baptized in New York.

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1913.

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