Baptisms In The Village Of Bergen In New Jersey 1687-1689


No Date Child Parents Witnesses & Sponsors
169 bp. Apr. 11 Maddeleen Johannes Spier  Marya Fransen  
170   Tomas Cornelis Doremus  Janetje Joris van Elsiant  
171 bo. Apr. 11
bp. Apr. 11
Judicht Claes Arentse  Toers  Jacomeyntje van Neste  
172 bo. Apr. 4
bp. Apr. 11
Tomas Lourus Arentse Toers  Franseyntje Thomas  
173 bp. May 23 Jannetje Theunis Roelofse  Treyntje Claes  
174 bp. June 27 Treyntje Walingh Jacobse  Catreyna Migielse  
175 bo. July 8 Metje? Matheus Cornelise  Catreyna Poulus  
176 bo. July 9 de= (Ide)1 Cornelis van Vorst  Feytje Gerrits  
177 bp. Oct. 3 Herrempje  Hans Spier  Freyntje Pieters Johannes Spier with his wife
178 bp. Oct. 3 Jannetje Pieter Hesselse  Elysabet Gerrits Johannes Steynmets, Preyntje Magielse, wife of Adries
179 bo. Oct. 6 Johannes2 Cornelis Roelofse  Magdalena van Giesen  
180 bo. Dec. 11 Jacob & Dirck3 Helmigh Roelofse  Jannetje Pieters  

1 First Child
2 Born at Achqechgenonck.
3 Jacob oldest, Dirck youngest.


No Date Child Parents Witnesses & Sponsors
181 bp. Apr. 2 Cornelis Cornelis Verwey  Hendrickje Jans Baltus Barentse van Kleeck, and Treyntje Jans, his wife
182   Magdalena Styntje Jans, widow of the late Anthoni De Lacombe Elyas Magielse Vreelant Mareya Franse wife of Johannes Spier
183 bo. Feb. 7
bp. Apr. 2
Treyntje Symon Jacobse van Winkel  Annetje Ariens Sips Hans Didericx Margrietje Wernaers, his wife
184 bp. Apr. 2 Merreytje Arien Tomase  Maeyke Cobase Fredrick Tomase Fransyntje Tomas, wife of Lourus Arentse Toers
185 bp. Apr. 2 Pieter Adriaen Post  Cathareyna Gerrits Cornelis van Voorst Aeltje Gerrits, Y. W.
186   Tanneke Abraham Bockque  Tanneke Jacobse Elysabet Gerrits, wife of Pieter Hesselse
187 bp. June 25 Hendrick Claes Hendrickse  Willemyntje Hendrickse Tonis Jansen Spier Catreyna Spier
188 bp. Oct. 4 Madeleena Abraham Dutout  Jannetje Boke Adam Corle, Marya Dortusee, his wife
189 bo. Aug. 17
bp. Oct. 4
Jan Tonis Jansen Spier  Catreyna Tomas Tomas Fredrickse, Fransyntje Tomas wife of Lourus Arentse
190   Annetje Cristoffel Steynmets  Jannetje Gerrits Gerrit Gerritse, Annetje Jacobs wife of Jo. Stynmets
191   Annetje Gerrit Steynmets  Vroutje Claes  Jo Steynmets, Annetje Cornelis wife of Claes Jansen
192 bp. Oct. 4 Treyntje Pieter Pouluse  Treyntje Hans Jacobs Poulus Pieterse, Treyntje Martens, his wife
193   Pieter Baltus Barentse van Kleeck  Treyntje Jans  Jan Berberno, Jannetje Barents wife of Jan Pieterse Bos
194 bp. Dec. 17 Treyntje Matheus Cornelise  Catreyna Poulus  


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No Date Child Parents Witnesses & Sponsors
195 bo. between
Jan. 21 & 22
Symeon Jacob Jacobse  Aeltje Daniels  
196 bo. Jan. 23 or
Cornelis1 Claes Gerbrantse  Merritje Claes  
197 bp. April. 2 Johannis Arien Pieterse Buys Treyntje Hendrickse Oosterum Jan Lubberse, Treyntje Jans wife of Baltus Barentse van Kleeck
198 bp. Apr. 2 Jannetje Johannes Spier  Mareya Franse Adriaen Post, Catreyna Michielse
199   Claes Cornelis Clasen  Aeltje Tonissen Boogert Jan Clasen and Treyntje Claes wife of Tonis Roelofsen
200   Johannes Tade Michielse  Anna Steynmets Gerrit Steynmets, Anna Jacobs wife of Johannes Steynmets
201 bp. Apr. 2 Simeon Jacob Jacobse van Winckel  Aeltje Daniels Symon Jacobsen van Winckel, Marya Ariaens Sips wife of Sibe
202 bp. June 24 Vrowtje Tonis Roelofse  Treyntje Claes Jan Claesen, Y. M., Pietertje Claes, Y. W.
203 bp. Sept. 30 Mareytje Lourus Arentse Toers  Fransyntje Tomas Helmigh Roelofse and his wife

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1913.

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